As much as we wish every customer is happy and satisfied with our products or services, this is not always the case. And sometimes, these customers can leave negative reviews regarding your business.

While negative reviews may seem unsightly at first, it’s best not to delete them. For one, your customers have free speech, and they are allowed to give feedback, whether positive or negative, on your business. 

Yes, the impact of these negative reviews may be worrisome for businesses, but the way you handle these reviews can really say a lot about your business. If you need further convincing, here are some reasons you should never remove negative customer reviews.

Deleting Negative Reviews Make You Untrustworthy

The whole point of reviews is to allow customers to give an honest recap of their experience with your product or service. By removing negative reviews and only leaving positive ones, you’re not really honest with your customers. Instead, you create this warped perception of your business that really isn’t true to the customer experience.

Aside from the whole moral dilemma, the lack of negative reviews can also seem fishy to potential customers. In reality, you can’t please everyone. And occasionally, you will receive some negative feedback. That’s all part of the business. 

So, when potential customers notice there are only five stars and no negativity in sight, they may get the idea that the reviews are all orchestrated. And in a way, they are because the data has been manipulated. 

With this apparent lack of transparency, potential customers may find it difficult to trust you and hesitate to make a purchase. In the attempt to shield your reputation, you’ve ended up losing sales instead. 

It’s Better If You’re Aware of What Customers Have to Say About You

Despite what it’s called, negative reviews aren’t always a bad thing. When you see customers leaving behind negative reviews on your website, you can become aware of your weak points and find ways to improve on them.

When you delete negative reviews, you are essentially ignoring the problem. And it can also result in unintended repercussions.

It’s important to understand that a negative review is not a death sentence. You still actually have a chance to mend the relationship with your customer. However, by removing their negative review, you are communicating to them that you don’t care about what they have to say. This can hurt the customer and lead them to campaign against your business to their family and friends.

Negative Reviews Give You a Chance to Showcase Your Customer Service

As we said, there’s still a chance to fix things when you get a negative review. In fact, the way you handle the negative review can really say a lot about your dedication to customer service. 

If you delete them, it can reflect poorly on your business. But if you handle it professionally, you can have the chance to turn a negative customer experience into a more positive one.

Instead of deleting negative reviews, you should reply to them and offer assistance in whatever way you can. Perhaps you can give the customer a refund or offer them a discount voucher for future purchases. If the product can still be fixed, you can patiently walk them through what they need to do. 

If there’s simply nothing you can do, a simple and sincere apology can actually go a long way. It shows that you are responsive and hear their concerns. It can also communicate to your customers that you value what they have to say and are committed to improving for their sake.

Final Thoughts

Negative reviews may seem like a blow to your business’s reputation, but if you handle them appropriately, you may come out better than you thought. All you really need to do is make your customers feel heard and valued. You may be surprised by the difference good customer service can make.

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