Links point us to the right source of info. Backlinks can refer us to related content elsewhere that can expand our knowledge on a particular topic. Links can also point to where you can buy products related to the content you’ve viewed, leading to more sales or conversions for others. You can use these links to work for both you and other sites at the same time.

There are numerous effective ways to use SEO and other techniques in your content. These methods can improve site performance and generate lots of traffic to your site and your collaborators and affiliates. 

In this article, we will look into backlinks in your content and how they can benefit your site in the long run.

Creating Link Collaborations

Exchanging links is one sure way of strategizing your links to appear on other websites related to your site or your site’s keywords.

You can organize this by collaborating with a site that has mentioned your brand or product in one of their pages or blogs. Communicate with these other businesses and offer to put a direct link that leads to your product page, shop, or website. You can arrange something in return, such as backlinking their pages or creating exclusive content for them.

You can also backlink in reverse by creating pages or content that link to bigger sites. This is how the Amazon Affiliate Program works, where you link their products in your content. Your viewers would click on the link and add traffic, and the sales will earn you commissions. However, you would still need some concepts of eCommerce SEO to make these collaborations work better.

In our case, you are linking other sites with the intention of doing a collaboration. You can either use their backlinks in your content or through other pages in your site, such as reference links, where-to-buy links, related pages, and other types of backlinking.

Writing Guest Content for Other Sites

Another way of using backlinks is by offering to do guest posts on a blog or other websites in exchange for putting a link of your site on theirs. Such collaborations benefit both businesses. Incorporate SEO to spruce up your content for the website you are writing for. Make it a good read that adds value to the site you are collaborating with.

Your content adds to their site’s user experience. In return, the backlink directs traffic to your site. You can use the backlink either on your post, on the writer’s profile, or the “about the (guest) writer” part of your content. Make sure your content is in line with the website and written with the site’s theme or keywords to fit in naturally.

One type of content that pulls in a lot of traffic is the viral clickbait technique, which hooks people to click on your link through clever copywriting. An attention-grabbing headline, infographic, or social media post can bring you to a target site. That traffic results in more conversions or sales for everyone involved.


Backlinks are key tools to manipulate site traffic. You can use the same techniques to put up high-engagement content and use it to benefit collaborator sites as well as your own. It’s a balance that works and leads to better site performance, more traffic, and more sales for everyone involved.

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