Google My Business (GMB), previously known as Google Places for Business, provides businesses with an excellent chance to appear on the search engine’s results pages. It allows you to list your company’s location on Google Maps and in local search results. However, the most significant aspect of establishing a Google My Business page is that it is free. 

In doing Google My Business SEO, you can display essential information about your company, such as opening and closing hours, contact information, or links to your website. Google has also just launched a new tool that allows you to submit a link to articles or upcoming events. Even if your company is entirely online and does not have a physical location, you should consider creating a Google My Business profile.

Setting Up Google My Business

Setting up your GMB profile is one of the easiest and most efficient methods to position your company for online discovery. More and more search queries are becoming geo-specific, and Google’s algorithms have been designed to take user intent into account. 

You’ve undoubtedly done a Google search for “places to eat near me” at some time; if so, you’ll note that Google provides a list of three spots where you can dine, depending on your present location. Due to your search query, the three companies that appeared have a GMB page and are one step closer to gaining your business.

4 Crucial Ways to Optimize Your GMB Listing

Create a Clear and Complete Description

After you’ve created and claimed a GMB page for your company, the following step is to ensure it’s optimized and has all the necessary information. Include as much relevant information as possible on your listing. Take the time to create a decent description and attempt to make it as local as feasible whenever possible to make it more relevant to the user. The description serves as a summary of what your company does, and keywords relevant to your company may be included here. 

Your GMB description may be up to 750 characters. However, it’s best to convey the essential information in the first few lines. Include at least two keywords that best define your company.

Add Content 

By adding posts to your GMB profile, you may now draw additional attention. The information will be shown in Google search and map results. To add a post, just log in to your GMB account and make a new post. You will add a picture, write up to 300 words, or create an event title that includes start and finish dates. 

There is then the opportunity to include a call-to-action with several button options such as ‘Learn more,’ ‘Reserve,’ ‘Sign up,’ ‘Buy,’ and ‘Get the offer.’ The post option allows you to promote events, publish your content, and advertise your goods or services, emphasizing when special deals are available. The post will be valid for seven days until you must replace it with a new one. Google will send you an email reminding you to do this.

Include High-Quality Images

You may have included essential pictures such as your company’s exterior/interior, logo, and staff, but you shouldn’t stop there. Post as many pictures as you can that will demonstrate to Google that you are active, and it will favor you when it comes to ranking you better in the map or local search results.

Reply to Reviews

Whether positive or negative, make sure you reply to every review so visitors know you care about them and their experience with your company. That will also assist other consumers in developing trust in you as a brand. Recognize and appreciate consumers who write positive reviews, demonstrating a degree of involvement at the post-purchase stage. You may utilize your evaluations to enhance your company; understand what people enjoy and don’t like, and then improve on it. Customer reviews can be a brand’s most powerful tool, so don’t disregard them!

Final Thought

It always pays off when you check to see whether your company has an up-to-date and comprehensive Google My Business profile. If you haven’t created and optimized one, you’re losing out on one of the most excellent free methods to appear in Google search results. It’s also highly flexible and may be changed daily to reflect changes. All you need is time and expertise to optimize your website, so make sure you do it. You could immediately see the advantages.

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