Marketing continuously evolves with the times, putting digital solutions on top of the game to build a prominent online presence for businesses across different industries. 

Moving away from the dial-up years of the internet to mobile-driven campaigns, modern consumers are quickly shifting from typed keywords on search engines to leveraging AI assistants like Alexa, Siri, Google, and more voice-activated searches. 

Innovative brands see this as a golden opportunity to add a unique and competitive edge, creating a new marketing channel where you can tap into a growing set of audience. With that in mind, the list below explore how integrating voice search can impact the nuts and bolts of your SEO strategy:

Benefit #1: Voice Search Can Enhance Customer Experience 

Voice search ensures your business can keep up with the virtual tides, and while trends come and go, this proves to be a powerful addition in your SEO strategy as it creates a highly optimized customer experience. 

Voice search ramps up the customer’s convenience rate, making browsing through the net a seamless and effortless ordeal. It opens up multitasking opportunities for consumers, providing a quick and instant gratification when researching online. 

By providing a smooth interaction between the market and your brand, you can foster a stronger relationship, facilitate retention, and build brand loyalty.

Benefit #2: Voice Search Evens The Playing Field In Search Results

Small businesses to established organizations alike strive to climb up the ranks as reaching the number one spot on Google drives more traffic to your website, putting other websites at a disadvantage. 

Voice search can bolster your chances as studies found that a whopping 85 per cent of consumers choose the first brands suggested by the device, meaning that it can give you a fighting chance to grab the user’s attention in a voice-driven marketplace. 

Benefit #3: Voice Search Supports Your Local SEO Campaigns 

Local SEO plays a pivotal role in generating a large sum of traffic to your regional business, but you can take your strategy to the next level by adding voice search optimization. Using natural language in your targeted keywords that focus on “near me” searches, you can cater to consumers looking for products or services using either talk or text. 

The Bottom Line: Exploring Innovative Voice Search Strategies To Give Your Business A Competitive Edge In Search Results 

SEO is an ever-evolving landscape, putting businesses in every industry on their toes as everyone strives to keep up with the changing algorithms. There are aspects in SEO to cover if you want to rise up the ranks in search results continuously, and part of the methods that can catapult your brand on top is optimizing your website for voice search.

How Can Local SEO Pro Help You Rank Better? 

More professionals are seeing the importance of voice search in today’s mobile-driven society, but being new to the scene, establishing a strong voice search SEO campaign can be tricky. 

Our full-service voice SEO company offers client-driven and up-to-date strategies that can help expand your visibility and simplify the process of integrating a compelling voice search to your website. 

With our help, we can utilize your voice search to boost your conversion while you can focus on growing your business. Sign up with us now!