Voice commands used to be something that’s only seen in science fiction. Thanks to the innovations of modern technology, it’s now just as common as any other method of communication. Naturally, voice commands have been integrated into many things, including mobile websites.

Voice commands in mobile websites are usually triggered by a “hotword” or “hot phrase,” which is something along the lines of “OK Google” or “Hey Alexa” (depending on which device you’re using). When they hear these hot phrases, they wake up and wait for the user to issue commands to them. While highly intuitive, designing a mobile website with effective voice command integration isn’t easy.

This article lists some of the essential tips to help you design a mobile website with flawless voice command features. Read on below to get started.

#1 – Prioritize Mobile Responsiveness

Voice commands in mobile websites don’t work on their own. They are part of an overall user experience but still depend on a user’s mobile platform. Given the limitations of mobile platforms, it’s vital to prioritize responsive website UX.

To maximize its voice command functionalities, make sure that your mobile website is responsive enough for users to access it without a hassle. Make sure that there are no hiccups in the navigation. It should be as easy as talking to a friend, including selecting and accessing targeted information.

#2 – Remember Google’s Mobile-First Index

Google has always been forward-thinking when it comes to indexing. Over the years, it has introduced new algorithms and content delivery methods, which have been geared towards optimizing Google’s platform and the index itself.

With this index in place, Google prioritizes mobile search results. This means that if a mobile website can be indexed faster, it will receive greater rankings. Essentially, this means that non-responsive or non-mobile-friendly mobile websites are at risk of being overlooked. It’s always a good idea to prioritize mobile responsiveness if you want to ensure that Google easily indexes your mobile website.

#3 – Consider Voice-Activated Devices

Voice command technology works best in devices that use voice-activated commands. Devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Microsoft Cortana can use voice commands to execute a specific action.

The use of such devices is not just limited to home appliances. It’s also used in consumer electronics like smartphones, smart speakers, and smart devices. To ensure that voice command technology works smoothly on such devices, you must consider their limitations.

#4 – Update Local SEO Parameters

When a website is built with voice command functionality, it will appear in Google searches. This means that if you want a website to be found in Google searches, it has to be optimized for the local SEO parameters.

Thus, it’s vital to ensure that the content of your website is responsive enough to be found easily by voice search users. This includes ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly, that your keywords are highly optimized, and that you have relevant website information on your voice command functionalities.

#5 – Create Content with Long-Tail Keywords

Search engine optimization (SEO) has evolved over the years due to the increasing popularity of voice search users and the rise of voice command functionalities in mobile websites.

While it’s still possible to rank for a highly competitive keyword, SEO optimization for voice search has become more focused on long-tail keywords. These keywords are keywords that people might not be searching actively but still use. These keywords can also be consumer phrases instead of simple keywords. For example, search engines would find “buy shoes online” instead of “shoes.” In other words, you need to create content that fits these keywords. Only then will your content be found easily in voice search results.


Voice command technology has become an integral part of the digital landscape. It’s an effective and intuitive way of providing information and conducting a search. With the increasing popularity of voice search users, it will become an even more popular search method. It’s safe to say that the integration of voice command technology in mobile websites will only get better in the future.

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