If your business targets an audience from a specific area, local SEO optimization would be a helpful trick to boost your business’s online presence. Local SEO is a different aspect of search engine optimization because it helps you target a specific audience from a particular area. Fortunately, we are here to help you make the most of your SEO efforts. Being familiar with the mistakes is the first step to avoiding them.

Here are the local SEO mistakes committed on the internet:

Mistake 1: Targeting Broad Keywords

Keywords are the main elements of SEO. It is the most crucial thing that could make or break your SEO efforts. If you plan to do local SEO optimization, you need to find the right keywords to do it. Using broad and unspecific keywords is simply not helpful at all. 

Here is a little trick that could help you find the better keywords: choose geo-specific or service-specific keywords. Instead of using “custom cakes” or “best dentist” as your keyword, add the location or type of service to target the right audience. That means using “custom cakes New York” or “best dentist in Manhattan” as your more specific keywords.

Mistake 2: Not Asking for Customer Reviews

In case you do not know, customer reviews displayed on your website, social pages, and Google My Business help make your online business presence more visible to people, especially the positive ones. 

When your page displays good reviews, it can attract more customers, and Google prioritizes businesses that are well-reviewed. It is proof that your business is a reputable one. With that, Google could favor your business over your competitors.

Mistake 3: Placing Inconsistent Business Details

Did you know that writing your contact number in an inconsistent format across your online presence could already affect your ranking? The same rule applies to other crucial details for your business, such as business name, address, and website address. These elements are called the NAPW (name, address, phone number, website URL). 

Search engines can sometimes be sensitive, and a slight change in the details or format can confuse them. This fact matters because online aggregators typically display business information to various online listings. It would be best to get it right the first time so that your potential customers would not be confused as well.

Mistake 4: Not Having a Google My Business Listing

Google My Business listing is already mentioned in the second point in this article, but your business might not even have one at all. Make sure to avoid that mistake by creating your profile for this one. It is free, and it helps your business appear online, especially when people search for your targeted keywords locally. If you have not completed one yet, you might lose the chance of putting your business presence on top of the search results.


So many things need to be considered when optimizing your site for SEO since Google and other search engines update their guidelines from time to time. That is why some may forget about the minor mistakes like what are enumerated in this article. Now that you have been reminded of these errors, make sure that you note them and avoid them the next time you improve your website. Doing so would ensure that your local SEO would be more effective and worthwhile. 

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