Businesses now live in a digitally-driven world where the Internet is a tool of necessity rather than of privilege or pure luck. 

Over time, industries find themselves becoming far more technologically dependent thanks to the ways that the Internet has allowed consumers and producers to achieve their goals. With tools like social media, search engines, and video marketing becoming commonplace, it’s clear that any forward-thinking company needs to maximize the web to their advantage. 

Among all the tools that have gained acclaim in recent years and are now vital parts of any business’s operational flow, local voice search is one that many must start focusing on. 

What is a local voice search? 

Alternatively known as “voice-enabled search,” it is a tool that allows consumers to search the web, find answers, and access different tools in their browsers through voice commands.

Instead of using cursors and touchscreens to do searches, this tool allows those with disabilities (or even an average person) to access the web much easier and faster. Various examples, such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Siri, are true testaments of how vital voice-enabled searching is in today’s consumer landscape because of how they aid daily life. 

How local voice search can help take your business to the next level

What makes this system such a unique addition to the list of tools that businesses can succeed with is that it’s becoming a standard fixture in the lives of those who seek daily convenience. Although it is relatively new, this searching style is now responsible for generating a significant percentage of average search volumes per day. 

In turn, this development means that businesses who fail to make their websites accessible via local voice search are missing out on a handful of potential transactions. Conversely, making your website voice search-friendly or compatible will help it stand out better in search results and make it more accessible to customers looking for what you’re offering! 

The different types of voice-enabled queries

Typically, voice searches made by consumers can be categorized in query or question types that allow a search engine to generate the best results quickly. If you want to give your business the advantage it needs by capturing more of the local market, here are four common types of voice search queries you must start targeting: 

1. Discovery queries: Essentially seen by many as the quintessential voice search query type, discovery queries mainly involve customers who are seeking a specific business, product, or service. Local voice search jumps into the equation by supplying these voice-made queries with relevant results available in their area, giving companies with optimized systems more advantage in capturing their local markets!

2. Knowledge queries: Typically drawn into the equation through a customer doing a voice search to answer a specific question, knowledge queries draw up different types of pages, such as FAQs, information sites, or “about” pages. You can use this query to bring your business into light by optimizing your pages to be voice-search-friendly and optimized to answer a question!

3. Direct queries: Often seen in searches made by customers who already know about a business, direct queries are far more straightforward over shedding light on your business’s presence. Questions about specific details, such as your address, opening hours, or contact details, will be inquired through this type of local voice search, so make sure to optimize your pages!


If you’re looking to provide your business’s website with an advantage that will yield more profit, conversions, engagements, and inquiries, there’s no doubt that local voice search is what you need. Through the help of this tool or add-on, you can give your company the upper hand to make its presence known on the Internet so that more customers can come your way!

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