In the future, SEO is projected to take strides and normalize what seems like new trends at the moment. Voice SEO is something that can still seem relatively fresh to some businesses, but it’s something that should be taken advantage of. 

Voice-controlled assistants on different devices like Siri, Google, and Alexa are constantly being used because of the convenience that they can provide to people. Even with the few lapses that it has, it’s definitely going to improve. It will be a matter of when Voice SEO will soon be well-integrated. 

There’s just so much for brands to look forward to in terms of Voice SEO, so beginning your investments early in that aspect will give your business a great head start. Enrolling in a platform specifically made for Voice SEO can help elevate your brand’s approach too. Here are some specific steps on how you can improve your voice search early:

Improve Local SEO

A considerable amount of people usually make location-based searches to find out whether the service or joint is accessible to them. For example, if they’re inquiring about a restaurant in their area, they would often open voice commands and ask their smartphone what the closest food places there are.

Always keep your business information updated and optimized. Your brand’s listing on Google My Business is one way of effectively marketing to the locals. The content that you put out there should also have a mention of your service area. That way, your business shows up on their search results.

Make the Brand Mobile-Friendly

Voice search is more used on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Suppose the search engine algorithm finds that your website and content are hard to access on mobile. In that case, it’s unlikely that your business gets recommended even when a user verbally asks for something related to your business.

Avoid those missed opportunities and improve your site to become more mobile-friendly. Make it more accessible for mobile users and better the site’s loading speed to appeal to search engines assessing your site. People who are on their phones are always on the go, so businesses need to keep up.

Work on Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are one of the best ways to optimize your Voice SEO. Siri and Google usually read out loud the shortest and most accurate answers to a user. That paragraph or snippet of your content may help interest a user in clicking onto a blog article or part of your website, so make the most of it.

Writing featured snippets for voice search can be quite a different discipline than other forms of content writing. Those paragraphs should be able to answer more specific questions in a short amount of time. Try to research what users would be interested in and what they would search for. That information can help you anticipate and curate what they will be inquiring about.


When an opportunity presents itself, brands should be grabbing it and taking it into their own hands. Following these tips can help renew your business’s online presence and take initiative on voice SEO. 

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