The internet is always changing for the benefit of its users. From designers adapting to responsive website designs to the integration of social media platforms as marketing channels, digital spaces continue to evolve and innovate over time.

The impact of these changes affects how people’s online browsing behavior can influence AI algorithms. For digital marketers, this signals the development and adjustment of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trends that can impact their marketing strategies’ success.

Adapting your SEO strategy for 2021

Adaptation seems to be a common theme for business owners in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic was an issue that had drastic ramifications to the economy, forcing establishments to shift their strategies to survive. Coincidentally, it was also the highest point for online activity due to the restrictions against face-to-face interactions.

Purchasing digital real estate was detrimental for businesses that wanted to stay relevant and impactful during the second and third quarters. This increased attention to digital marketing is one of the many reasons that numerous small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are still alive and active to this day. However, the changing of the times also signals the adaptation of search engines on their guidelines for search engine rankings.

If you want to stay up-to-date with your marketing plans for 2021, here are three Top SEO practices you should implement:

1. Adapt to the AMP plugin

Mobile-first indexing is an excellent way to capitalize on the growing surge of consumers who prefer to do their web searches on mobile devices. Many web developers already go their way around SEO rankings by developing responsive web pages to adjust to desktop and mobile-friendly devices. However, there’s another format that business owners and marketers need to keep their tabs on.

Although they were generally present in news and media sites, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) provides a competitive advantage for business owners who want to improve their site rankings. Its competitive page loading speed comes from being a slimmed-down version for your HTML, making it much faster than typical optimized pages.

2. Focus on your backlinks

SEO is a lot about telling AI web crawlers and online viewers that your site’s content is recommendable and verifiable through reliable sources. Investing in proper backlinking practices is an efficient way to boost your search engine ranking by utilizing references that have high relevance to your content’s value.

Reinforce your backlinking strategies by only using high-quality links from authoritative websites. Don’t forget to audit your landing pages for dead-ends and other distractions to your sales funnel. 2021 is the year that you should leave behind committing costly mistakes, such as linking to your competitors’ content as a reference.

3. Implement voice search optimization

Voice search is no longer the novel feature of 2017 for mobile devices; it’s now a mandatory function for most, if not all, modern-age tech. Voice recognition technology has progressed to the point of making it a core component of digital marketing strategies, similar to how mobile was one of the driving trends of the past decade. Optimizing for voice search demands a more particular direction for your content, capitalizing on FAQ pages, and using a conversational tone for your marketing copies.


Change isn’t something that you should be afraid of. In fact, it’s something that you should welcome and embrace. Today’s generation of entrepreneurs is all about innovation and quickly adapting to the arrival of these trends to get the upper hand on long-standing brands. If you know how to read these changes in the marketing industry, you’ll have more chances to come out on top.

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