Voice search has the power to disrupt and transform the digital marketing industry, and it certainly has proven to do so over the past year. As 2021 draws to a close, voice search will still have accounted for half of all online searches. If you keep on ignoring voice search for eCommerce, you may be missing out on a clear opportunity. Surprisingly, far too many marketers haven’t paid much attention to this emerging trend. 

While some have paid it little-to-no attention, many more marketers expect that voice search will be the next big thing in digital marketing in the coming years. About 51% of individuals who order through voice use it to find products, and many routinely make purchases using their smart speakers. 

The allure and appeal of voice search are apparent. It’s quicker, hands-free, and you don’t have to focus on your smartphone to get details and can multitask with it. Technology development has preserved essential characteristics, such as high-quality service experience, user interface, and quick accessibility. 

Let’s go into more detail with a list of reasons that voice search is the future of eCommerce. 

  • Provides a Personalized Shopping Experience 

With the use of suggestions based on personal preferences, voice search customizes shopping experiences. Suppose a shopper orders their daily requirements from Amazon Fresh using Alexa. In that case, the voice assistant may recommend products that fit their diet based on the interests conveyed to the system. If an order has to be replicated, voice recognition may simplify the process for the customer. 

  • Makes It Easy to Gather Feedback

Gathering reviews hasn’t always been simple for companies, but consumers can quickly provide comments with voice search. The simplicity and comfort of reviewing make them far accurate and relevant, which benefits both the product and its many other consumers. In contrast to the time-consuming process of entering lengthy feedback, voice assistants ask for specific inquiries and ratings without the bother of logging in. 

  • Integrates AI to Make Smart Shopping Possible 

Voice search feature is about more than simply utilizing voice; it is also about successfully leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning. As a result, the speech function is intelligent enough to recognize your purchasing patterns and behavior. For instance, when you purchase your monthly groceries online, the voice assistant may suggest and remind you about items previously in your basket but are no longer on the list. Aside from the convenience factor for customers, this is a major plus for businesses. 

  • Offers Greater Time-Efficiency Than Typing

When compared to typing a question, voice search is faster and more effective. The average human types 30 to 35 words per minute, while a voice search can handle almost 100 words per minute. In a nutshell, voice search enables you to speak quickly and get results faster, appealing for most consumers. You may even use voice search to buy on the move while doing anything else, such as cooking or driving. 

  • Grows as a Trend Backed by the Biggest Brands

Both advancements of voice search technology have resulted in a user interface that is simple to use for people of all ages, and it has a vast user base. With growing tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung, and Microsoft all embracing voice assistant innovation in public and launching compatible products, voice search is only going to continue being a digital marketing trend.

Final Thoughts 

As voice search technology has become essential in providing a great customer experience, retailers must devote better effort and resources to creating speech accessibility solutions. It can connect with their current networks and assist them in capitalizing on changing consumer preferences.

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