Many businesses turn to professional SEO services to boost their growth significantly. There are many tools in a digital marketing agency’s kit used to improve online visibility for various companies. While written forms of local SEO like blog posts and promotional tools like pay per click advertising are the gold standard in site growth, new trends are surfacing today.

Technology has evolved to make people’s lives more comfortable, and software like Google’s search engine has created new ways to discover various bits and pieces of information. Google is heading towards advanced voice search, which they use in their search engine and artificial intelligence devices. This shift will likely require some changes in a company’s strategy when writing articles for local SEO. 

How to Adjust Your Content for Voice SEO

SEO is primarily based on text because all forms of media and content require writing to trigger Google’s algorithms. Video media needs the right titles and descriptions filled with relevant keywords to increase the search engine scores. Additionally, if you’re searching for something using your voice, it triggers known text in specified languages. 

The trick to adjusting the content for voice search is to consider searcher intent. People who use voice search typically ask a question or simply say a few audible words for Google’s algorithm to detect. So if someone is wondering how to boost their business visibility, they might search “where can I find affordable SEO?” Adding keywords like these, or even as simple as “affordable SEO,” can trigger your website on the results page, so working on blog content overtime to meet people’s needs is best. 

Mobile-Friendly Websites Win the Game

Most voice search is done through mobile, as people typically get the idea to speak into their phones while walking down the street or doing grocery shopping. This on-the-go atmosphere means that your desktop-optimized website won’t do much good if it’s not similarly optimized for mobile. Once you know your website is ready for those searching for your site on their smartphones or tablets, this will ensure that access is at its peak performance. Overall, this will improve your retention rates and even drive further conversions. 

Try Using Less Academic or Complicated Words

The average user won’t be searching academic keywords because that’s the kind of language built for writing a thesis or a paper. Blog posts for your website should be written with local SEO elements and even casual language that people might use in a regular conversation. Professional SEO services typically know how to adjust to these requirements, as using too many big words that not many know the meaning of is a waste of potential keywords. 

Utilize SEO’s Best Practices

Using SEO’s best practices can create a better environment for growth than trying out your own methods. While the rulebooks of local SEO change each year because of Google’s algorithm updates, you’ll need to study up the changes and make improvements accordingly. Find out what works in terms of backlinks, HTML codes, image optimization, and other data gathering techniques to ensure that you build a better website overall. 


Voice search is a different field of SEO that requires tons of optimization. However, the changes that should be made are relatively simple, and most are adjusting keywords and website optimization strategies. Having a whole system that works in harmony can be possible with professional SEO services to help your company build an entire strategy. 

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