Voice search is the act of looking up answers to questions by saying them out loud onto a device, rather than typing the keywords, and receiving its corresponding results. Big names in the industry like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are all ahead of the game and have been optimizing the use of audio technology for a while now.

At the rate voice search continues to improve, it’s expected that by 2020 a reliable percentage of online searches and transactions will be performed without having to use a screen to guide you. 

Below, we’ve listed down ways to get the most out of voice search in today’s booming era of technology.

Produce Natural and Relevant Ideas

Most of the time, users rely on keywords and short phrases when they’re using search engines. But when it comes to using voice search they prefer to ask questions in long-form. So to establish your web traffic make sure your content is patterned towards voice search.

This includes the use of specific natural-sounding keywords to get the most out of search results. You should also maintain brief and understandable phrases so almost anyone will be able to grasp the information laid out for them.

You can also consider publishing content that doesn’t exceed 2500 words. This assures that the information you’re providing already has everything your customers need regarding the topic they searched for.

Consider Creating Featured Content

Another way of making sure search engines like Google will be able to locate your website and provide users with your information is by creating featured content. This is a snippet of quick answers which serves as a summary of what the client is looking for.

Featured content is located right after paid ads on search engine results, just before an array of regular search listings. To cater to the attention span of your users, provide a straightforward and short review regarding your site’s content.

Meanwhile, to maintain its readability use hashtags, lists, and outlines, and don’t forget to include long-tail keywords on your featured snippet for productivity.

Manage Your Website’s Loading Time Efficiently

Part of maximizing the capabilities of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is making sure you’re using Google voice search to its fullest potential, including the time it takes for your website to load completely.

To achieve this, you need to guarantee that your website is responsive and adapts to mobiles and other devices, your images are optimized, your files are compressed, and you apply web cache to enhance your web page’s speed.

Aside from that, your web server’s response time should also be decreased to improve your chances of appearing on search engines. That’s because you’re dealing with customers with short levels of patience.

Focus on the Use of Local Search Results

A small percentage of voice searches are looking for results that are found in the area of the customers. So when it comes to using audio technology, brands should aim to focus on coming up with local content.

Phrases like “near me” and keywords that include the names of specific cities, districts, and countries lead to more chances of providing voice search content which leads more users to your online platform.


Utilizing voice search helps increase your chances of becoming more recognized by people across the internet. This also results in better profit and improves the chances of people supporting your brand to keep your business in the market.

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