Gone are the days when you have to stop what you are doing to type the information you need to search on your phone. Nowadays, looking up the details you need can be done by a simple voice search. Thanks to virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, who take care of your mundane tasks, life is now less complicated.

Did you know that you can optimize this convenience for your business’s SEO? Thanks to the integration of voice recognition software in different online platforms, people nowadays can explore multiple platforms in a more versatile way. 

Advantages of Voice Activation

In this day and age, many people prefer to use the convenient route. When searching for information, many people would rather narrate things than write or type them down. 

Because of the voice search technology, the results that users get from these searches are often more accurate. They are more filtered due to the matching keywords used, so businesses experience lesser bounce rates. With less bounce rate, users consume information longer, leading to customer satisfaction. 

In the US alone, about 58 percent of consumers in 2018 use voice search in finding information about local businesses near them. Google also reveals that in 2016, 20 percent of online searches are voice-based, and they predicted that by 2020, this rate would increase up to 50 percent. Even voice-enabled shopping is expected to generate up to $40 billion in revenues by 2022. That is how robust voice activation has been through the years. 

The Status of Voice Assistants in the Online Business Industry

Now, let us quickly check the status of the popular voice assistants in the US and how they are doing in terms of performance.

  • Google Assistant is currently the most popular voice-activated software in the world. This service offered by Google Home speakers can understand and work under 44 languages while also recognizing the English language’s different accents and phonology for different English-speaking countries.
  • Alexa of Amazon is the leading voice assistant in the e-commerce field. Alexa currently supports eight languages. In fact, almost 70 percent of smart speaker owners in the US use Amazon’s Echo device, and it has more than half of the market share when it comes to smart speakers. 

Optimizing Your Content for Voice Search

Since you are finally aware of voice recognition’s strengths and potential, you should consider optimizing your content for voice searches on websites. Here are some things you can do:


  • Tweak your keywords


Keywords always play a significant role in your SEO, and the same goes for voice search keywords. Since people need to use accurate words and phrases to get more definite results, you can explore using longtail keywords. 

Moreover, adding the popular terms “near me” and “close to my location” in your content’s meta description or alt texts can also improve your searchability. If you need additional resources, checking Google Analytics and the results from ‘People Also Ask’ can help you tailor the best search phrases for your page.

You may want to work with a company that can provide you with expert SEO services to help you with your keywords.


  • Change your tone


The written language is different from people’s speaking language. Because you want to optimize your content for voice search, you need to adjust your style accordingly. Make your texts more conversational or more colloquial to achieve better results in voice search. 


  • Add FAQs to your content


Adding an FAQ page to your site can help increase your page’s visibility. Because your content answers questions that users search the most, you will get more chances of appearing in the search results. Answer all related queries you can think of about your content topic. Questions like what, how, and why about a product, service, or person are the more favored subjects. 


Voice search has a promising future ahead, so take advantage of this opportunity as early as you can. Optimizing your content for voice searches can help you get more organic search results. If you want to try it out, consider applying our tips above to your current content and see how much difference it will bring to your page performance.

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