Businesses relying on digital marketing strategies to earn a high ranking on Google may be familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) and the power it holds. As effective as it may be, it’s important to keep a steady hold on your online tactics—or you could go overboard and end up with a penalty from the same search engines you’re trying to rank on!

Applying local SEO isn’t about spamming your content with the same keywords over and over to get noticed by customers and creating unreliable links to lure more visitors into your website. It’s about doing things properly to achieve a high online ranking, such as focusing on producing useful content and using keywords only when necessary.

With Google’s constantly evolving algorithm, it’s now difficult for online platforms to cheat their way into the top, as their algorithm can tell when you’re over-optimizing your website or producing genuine content. Keep reading below to find out how to target quality than quantity by applying SEO’s best practices to get you the results you want.

Apply Keyword Usage Correctly

You may have heard of keyword stuffing—the act of using your target keywords multiple times across your content without worrying about the user experience you’re providing. In such cases, a marketer is focused on fooling the system with poor content even though search engines know better.

As effective as it might have been before, it’s safe to say that keyword stuffing doesn’t work as much as it used to! Instead, you need to focus on using keywords across your content only when they fit and match the information you’re providing. Focus on giving your users something to look forward to consuming, and you will end up reaping the rewards you deserve.

Learn to Use Anchor Links Right

Anchor links are what you call the text links you put all over your website to direct users from one page to another. When you’re utilizing anchor links, it’s essential to label them well to improve your chances of leading your customers to the products, services, or content they want to see.

At the same time, the text on your anchor links shouldn’t be too long and should maintain its relevance without stuffing too many keywords in them. Keep in mind the user experience you’re willing to provide your visitors instead of focusing on gaining a high online ranking the easy way!

Avoid Relying on Irrelevant Keywords

Whatever you do, you need to stay away from irrelevant keywords as it will affect how your visitors perceive your brand. Aside from that, you can also expect search engines to penalize you for applying keywords that don’t relate to your product or service at all!

If you’re publishing articles and blog posts and utilizing the wrong keywords, you can expect to maintain a low ranking since you can’t easily fool Google into thinking you’re doing it right. To remain sure and safe about your content, you can hire an SEO expert to take care of the information you decide to put out and watch them do their magic for the benefit of your brand.


SEO will continue to be around and relevant for the next few years. It will remain an effective online strategy that various businesses need to survive in the online sphere! If you want to gain a high online ranking without playing dirty, you should apply the right keywords, use anchor links correctly, and avoid irrelevant keywords at all costs. The same goes for enhancing your content to address your customers’ need to utilize voice search to browse the web more efficiently—after all, Voice SEO is the future! 

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