When evaluating a new product or service, customers want objective, transparent reviews that won’t mince words. They know the best sources for these are other clients or consumers. Aside from using SEO best practices, you should also encourage clients to write about their experience with your brand.

The statistics in a study by the Search Engine Journal supports this. According to them, 82 percent of consumers check online reviews to learn more about a company, and half of those aged 18 to 54 say they “always read reviews.” Here are other positives to a good reputation.

Good reviews generate more leads

The previously-cited study also says that among people aged 35 to 54, 89 percent trust online recommendations as much as personal ones. As such, cultivating situations that could bring about positive reviews will bring prospects to your site, people who might be convinced to purchase.

Good reviews help people decide favorably

More than half of consumers form an opinion about a business’ offerings after reading anywhere from one to six online reviews only. Prospective customers will quickly become actual ones if they read plenty of good things about you from other consumers.

Good reviews benefit local SEO

Google’s algorithm bases local search results around prominence, proximity, and relevance. When its algorithm picks up your content, including new reviews with relevant keywords, it will count this towards your ranking. 

How do you get the Google reviews you want?

Knowing all of these, it’s understandable that a business owner would want to ensure that they have great reviews online. Though you can’t control what people think, it’s possible to set up the environment for positive reviews. Improve your offerings and gather customer feedback, which is the first thing people should do when deciding what to improve in their business. 

Also, start optimizing your business presence on Google. Familiarize yourself with the company’s Terms of Service and follow these when soliciting reviews. Ensure that you have a profile page where clients can leave reviews. Once you’ve done all of that, you can start encouraging people to write reviews. Here are a few ways you could help them post the best ones for your business.

Show them how to post reviews

Take it upon yourself to explain to customers how to leave a review. Some people might not know how to; it will be a waste if they can’t post their thoughts, especially if they have nice things to say about your company. Create infographics if needed, including how to open Google Maps, look up your company, open your Google Business Profile page, locate the area for leaving reviews, and leave one for your business.

Move your website from HTTP to HTTPS

An essential part of optimizing your website is migrating it from HTTP to HTTPS. If you don’t, Google will penalize you with a lower ranking and classify your website as Not Secure. Create an online space for your business that has HTTPS and SSL protocols so that it maintains its relevance in the eyes of Google’s algorithm.

Optimize your website for mobile browsing

Your company needs an online space that looks great on mobile devices. More people browse the Internet through their smartphone or tablet, even when researching and buying products and services. As such, you need a responsive or mobile-friendly site. Typically, web designers would charge $74 to $350 per hour for a responsive redesign, so factor that into your budget for your website.

Engage with customers’ reviews

Get more online reviews by responding to what people have already posted. Don’t discriminate, either; write your thoughts about both positive and negative impressions of your business. When a company responds to bad reviews, it shows that they genuinely care about improving their offerings.

Launch an email marketing campaign

Often, the best way to get results is by directly stating what you want. A targeted email marketing campaign will let your past customers know that you’re gathering reviews and would encourage them to leave a positive word about your business.


The most effective kind of marketing is word-of-mouth advertising, and the Internet only compounds this. What current users and clients say about your company will invariably affect how prospective customers think, even more than any creative marketing strategy you deploy.

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