Nowadays, more consumers are utilizing voice search or the ability to look up things online by saying queries out loud instead of typing them down word for word. Whether they’re using a smartphone, desktop, or another device that allows voice search, users can expect a convenient way to discover the answers to their questions.

At the same time, businesses that want to gain more customers and drive more revenue can expect to take advantage of voice search by developing effective campaigns. Through voice search, you can expect an improved online ranking because it’s backed up by your best search engine optimization (SEO) practices.

You will have to take the necessary measures to run a website that makes use of voice SEO, which is different compared to regular SEO. Keep reading below to find out ways to help you achieve more customers through the power of voice search.   

Make Your Content Readable

If business owners wanted to gain a higher ranking on search engine results, then they rely on SEO tactics and eventually achieve a better readability rating. The same goes for Google voice search because your content has more chances of being indexed by Google if you provide information that’s finely-structured and offers straight-to-the-point results.

Unlike traditional searches where you can ask long-form questions, different devices rely on voice search to provide direct and easy to understand answers. If your target audience relies on smartphones regularly, they will require more simple information to hear and read the results handed to them properly.

Optimize Your Website

Voice search works more efficiently if your website focuses on managing the time it takes to load completely and provide the necessary answers right away. That’s because users who utilize voice search expect to get the information faster than if they chose to do a hands-on search.

If you want to improve your chances of gaining more visitors and eventually customers, you need to optimize your website’s loading speed. It works exceptionally well for voice speaker devices like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s Siri.   

Provide Short and Direct Results

Based on research, a voice search’s standard word count is about forty-one words, which applies to various devices incorporating modern methods of searching answers through voice. But with regard to smartphones, it’s possible to have a higher word count, as the results can be read alongside the audio. 

Regardless, consumers still prefer using mobile phones to look up products, services, and other online searches. Take note that when you’re utilizing voice search for your business, make it as short and concise as possible. 

Aim for Google’s First Page

If you want more online customers, one of your main goals should be to work for a high ranking on search engines. When consumers use a voice speaker device, the results they get usually come from the first page of organic searches.

To increase the likelihood of having your business appear in people’s search results, you will have to apply local SEO and aim to achieve at least the top four positions on search engine rankings.


If you want to place higher in search engine results while accommodating voice search queries, you will need to do more and focus on website SEO. You will also have to make readable content, optimize your website accordingly, provide short and direct information, and aim for Google’s first page.  

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