Building a well-rounded team of content marketing experts is the key to making a mark in the online world and getting your business viral on digital platforms. When it comes to content creation, it is best to collaborate with the people who know the craft best: search engine optimization (SEO) experts and content creators. While they have different backgrounds, they complement one another, and with their combined expertise, you can truly propel your business forward. Here are some of the tips on how these two can work together effectively:

  • Align your strategies

The first step to working with the team is to identify your digital marketing goals. You may have the best people in the industry, but if you are unsure about the direction of your business, all your efforts are more likely to be put to waste. It’s important to have the same vision, so set clear objectives right from the start.

Content creators and SEO experts have varying strategies. To familiarize yourself with how you can start collaborating, discuss your goals and tactics, and document your strategies. Make sure that you all are working towards a shared goal.

  • Create an editorial calendar

It’s important to publish content regularly, and to keep your team organized, having an effective editorial calendar is crucial. This tool serves as a guide for your content marketing plan and helps with planning, outlining, and assigning tasks, and letting everyone to coordinate efforts easily. Simply put, it keeps your company on track to achieve your goals and accomplish your tasks.

To create a functional editorial calendar, it should contain topics and a list of content you plan to publish, team member assignments, the status of specific projects, and dates for creation, publishing, and distribution. You can use a project management tool, Excel spreadsheets, or other software for your editorial calendar.

  • Conduct regular meetings

Having weekly or bi-weekly meetings is important in coming together, reflecting on each other’s progress, helping one another, and attaining everyone’s goals. They keep all your team members updated about your content marketing plan, tasks, schedule, and more. Also, they help you align all team efforts, and they provide you with a chance to brainstorm and discuss pressing concerns and points for improvement that are essential in your overall individual and team growth. 

  • Track each other’s progress

Holding regular performance evaluations helps your team to boost their performance and improve working relationships. While they are seen as uncomfortable interactions between colleagues, they play a major role in boosting morale, uplifting the mood, and inspiring others to improve and become a better worker. You can achieve this by providing them with constructive feedback or points of improvement through peer review or self-assessment.


Collaborating with SEO strategists and content creators who are skilled in educated content planning, creation, and distribution can help you get your business off the ground and produce quality content that can go viral on various platforms. Follow the tips mentioned above to ensure a harmonious working relationship with each other, create your solid online presence, and make your business succeed.

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