Online reputation matters significantly for any business. Before even conducting any transactions with you, potential customers will have already looked up your business on Google and will certainly have checked your social media pages as well! If your reviews don’t lend a good reputation to your business, or if your website is slow and bogged down, then your reputation is as good as ruined.

Everybody’s perception of you and your business matters, which is why online reputation management is key to surviving in this age. Integrating it into your SEO strategy can help create better content that can do wonders for your online image! Just like a person’s identity on Facebook, people will come to identify your brand by your identity on the web as well. 

Here’s what you need to know about curating your online reputation:

How online presence affects your business reputation

Consumers today rely more than ever on comments, reviews, and other feedback before making a final purchase decision. Even one scathing review is enough to put off a customer and repel them from buying your product. 

While bad reviews and comments can’t be prevented, your business can act on them by being responsive and addressing the customer’s concern. When future customers search for your business online, the reviews and your comments will be part of what gets you to show up on search engines, so optimize your content to highlight these reviews’ responses. 

This doesn’t just apply to customers. Your online reputation may also be hurting your chances of attracting good talent since employees are less likely to work for a business that doesn’t have very good listings or reviews. 

Optimizing SEO to Augment Online Reputation 

  • Write positive content

When writing any of your content, keep in mind that people’s perceptions about your business will be influenced by the content they see. This will ensure that you have a healthy reputation amongst your customers. However, doing this alone is not enough to maintain your credibility. 

Your website’s SEO will ensure that this positive content will be what your potential customers and partners see. Not only does it help you rank higher, but it helps feature the most representative content about your brand to your audiences. 

When designing a reputation management campaign, curate your content with the help of professional SEO services to focus on what can highlight your expertise on your blogs, articles, videos, websites, and the like. 

  • Optimize content for better discovery

Concentrated content will lead to optimal results by attracting quality back-linking from reputable websites. You’ll want to ensure that your content is as concise as possible while providing in-depth, valuable information. Google understands depth by measuring main points that are supplemented by more detailed content and will rank it higher. Ensuring your content follows these two characteristics with an SEO service will increase your business’s likelihood of being seen by the right people. 

Ensure that you link to credible sources as it boosts your credibility further in terms of content quality. Content should also be easy to read to rank higher!


As ORM brings your marketing, sales, and technology efforts together, a focus on maintaining your brand image and reputation through SEO becomes essential. By mastering some of the best SEO practices, you’ll not only be able to rank for higher results on search engines, but you’ll also keep a clean image on the web and create even more business opportunities!

Using SEO to manage your online reputation will require the guidance of the best SEO companies. Here at Voice SEOPro, we offer on-site optimization, quality outreach link building, and weekly content strategies to provide businesses with the best SEO solutions. Sign up with us to experience the best that SEO companies have to offer!