With the evolution of smartphones and their operating systems, it’s never been more convenient to search for information. You can use the voice command feature to ask Siri, Google, and Alexa any casual questions to get you to search results you need. Although it might be an easy thing to gloss over, voice search can be a catalyst in how SEO strategies work.

More and more people might be typing less and speaking more, and the likeliness of this happening will only increase in magnitude as AI technology is developed further. Starting now, your content should adapt to voice search to reflect great results. Since materials were curated for text-based searches for so long, you might ask how you can use voice search in your SEO.

Here are four tips you can use to improve your marketing:

Incorporate Long Tail Keywords

Longer and more specific keyword phrases are a must for optimizing voice search. People who voice search through their phone often start with a conversation-esque question, as if talking with a friend. Much like the regular SEO principles, try to gather what kind of wording and terminologies would be relevant to your customer base and business. 

If your brand is selling a product, you can add a section that features frequently asked questions and your brand’s response. Anticipate what people might be asking about your brand or problems they may encounter. Make sure your answers can be more understandable than the AI’s if possible. 

Using Schema Markup

Schema Markup can be especially useful when it comes to voice search. The verbal inquiries people make are comparable to the shared vocabulary tags or microdata on your website. Not only will you improve your content for voice search, but you will also better your text-based SEO. Schema markup aids search engines in interpreting your site’s content.

Along with that, you should consider the headstart starting schema markup gives. Only a small percentage of webpages are making use of it right now. You can quickly boost your ranking and learn how you can better utilize it for voice search.

Publish Company Information

Have you ever been on the way to go to a restaurant before deciding to check their opening hours first? There are many instances where potential customers will want to know general facts and details about your business. Update the data you have uploaded online, especially if there are any changes to the contact number, store address, company description, and more.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Here’s a little reminder that your website should adjust and be accessible for mobile users. If customers can’t open your site or the pages are loading too slowly, they will leave. In that scenario, expect your SEO ranking to stagger on both text-based and voice search. You have to test and make sure that whatever comes up on your PC should reflect on mobile and tablet.


Voice search provides a fascinating opportunity to marketing companies and businesses. It would be wise to look for ways to operate voice search to understand what works and what doesn’t in its algorithm. As natural language processing is becoming more and more integrated, you can’t let your content get left behind. 

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