Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies in developing a long-term brand presence in online spaces. This is why many businesses create content in different forms and genres, from entertaining to informational blog posts.

Search engine technology dictates the best possible way a marketer can strategize what a blog post looks like. However, the recent developments in AI are signaling a change in the content marketing trend. The preference of consumers to use AI-powered voice search will have substantial ramifications on what will be effective content for search engine web crawlers to rank.

The digital space as a conversational tool between customer and service provider

People’s dependence on digital media is at its highest in recent decades. This is because brands are adapting to the lifestyle habits of the consumer market. With more people investing time in digital spaces, brands need to adjust accordingly by relocating their marketing efforts to the right places.

Business websites are seeing more activity, together with brands’ interaction with social media platforms. These social networks are even integrating their systems to have custom-fit interfaces specifically for business use. The integration of these digital platforms allows service providers to have more effective sales channels to meet their customer demographic. This expands the way businesses can interact with online users to a wide variety of content, from videos, comment threads, and blog posts.

The development of technology with consumer products

The way consumers access online spaces is always experiencing innovation and reinvention. Since many people depend on search engines for various routines, personalized searches are becoming more specific and targeted to reach the best results. As the software improves, the hardware does as well.

Virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant make life easier for mobile and on-the-go searches on the internet. Through voice recognition software, it can understand your hands-free input with ease. This is why there’s a growing importance on natural language preferences for search queries.

The necessary changes that marketers should anticipate with AI-powered voice search

These AI-powered voice search systems focus on getting the best results for particular needs. It means that the way these virtual assistants search the net is much more precise with language and related topics. Because of this, search engine AI is adapting to these modern devices by integrating its preferences to its web crawler’s search engine ranking system. Listed below are three tips on how your content can stay on search engines’ radars.

  1. Use conversational language: long-tail keywords need to accommodate the precision of AI-powered voice search. Making your content conversational makes web crawlers index your content easier. At the same time, it also makes your content easily digestible for your readers.
  2. Answer common questions: When creating content, it’s best to present an answer to a solution as your audience’s hook. People who give inputs to virtual assistants generally do searches in the form of a question. Keep this in mind when writing titles or sub headers for your marketing copy.
  3. Create credible and accurate content: Although it’s important to keep a casual writing tone, you should always include factual and accurate information in your content. This will give you a better search engine ranking for both traditional searches and voice search inputs from online users.


The digital space is always evolving, together with technology’s advancements and the behavior of online users. This is why you should be vigilant when making the right changes to your marketing strategies. Remember that adapting to your consumer’s needs is the best way to stay ahead of the competition.

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