Online presence plays a pivotal role in building a successful business, especially in a digitally-oriented landscape where digital solutions are an integral part of growing a steady clientele. The internet’s domination has revolutionized different aspects of the economy, and the hospitality industry is no exception in this shift to the virtual world. 

Hotel owners know that the competition is fiercer than ever, so creating a solid brand image and prominent presence is crucial if you want your business to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, search engine optimization (SEO) is a leading strategy that addresses the exact paint point: increasing your hotel’s visibility in search engines to attract more guests.

Fortunately, there are three simple ways you can improve your SEO strategy and get started on the best practices that can boost your rankings to the top: 

Ranking Factor #1: Mobile Responsiveness

Websites act as an extension of your brand image, so it needs to cater to different audiences, no matter the device they are using. With that in mind, Google and other search engines are prioritizing mobile usability as a crucial ranking factor, especially now that 80 percent of people use smaller screens to search the internet. 

Mobile-first indexing is one of the latest additions that revolutionized SEO in recent years, so giving equal priority to your mobile site creates a seamless booking experience for mobile users and has higher chances of climbing up the ranks in the long run. 

Ranking Factor #2: Site Speed 

It’s easy to think that websites need to be dressed to impress guests, but a visually engaging website will be a moot effort if it takes forever to load. Today’s consumers have grown accustomed to instant gratification, which means businesses only have a few seconds to earn their attention. 

Research says that most web users expect websites to load with three seconds or less, but reaching beyond the mark will lead to an unwanted boost in your bounce rate. Beyond catching up with people’s fast expectations, search engines also prioritize speedier websites compared to slower ones. 

Some ways to improve your page loading speed is to optimize your images using Next-Gen image formats, which allow you to compress the media files without compromising quality. Configuring your browser caching, reducing plug-ins, and choosing the right hosting with a reliable content delivery network (CDN) can also get your site running up to speed. 

Ranking Factor #3: Social Media 

Websites are the primary hub that should create a seamless user experience for curious guests looking for more information regarding your hotel. However, relying on SEO to boost your visibility on search engines alone will be a slow burn. 

Joining social media channels that suit your needs will help expand your brand awareness and give viewers a chance to interact with your business. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and other social avenues offer the best opportunity to build your identity and earn the trust of your target audience.

The Bottom Line: How SEO Can Put Your Hotel on the Digital Map to Success

As seen above, SEO makes it possible to improve your ranking factors and take your brand’s visibility up a notch. Seeing as hotels are in a saturated industry, SEO can make all the difference in helping you generate the most bookings amidst the dog-eat-world market. 

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