For any business that wants to bring its operations and digital marketing efforts to the next level, Search Engine Optimization holds a key role in providing a distinct competitive advantage. This is even truer in the context of effective, well-built voice command strategies.

If you want to provide your advertising strategy with the advantage it needs to effectively thrive and reach set conversion goals, then it’s clear that optimizing your approach for voice search work is critical. Although the mechanics of the strategy in question may be intimidating to read about or deal with, there’s no need to worry because having the right knowledge can easily clear things up.

To help you set your sights on properly maximizing your SEO strategy’s impact by optimizing for voice commands and do so in the most effective manner possible, let’s go over everything you need to know: 

Understanding the two types of voice commands

When you look into the whole idea of helping your business’s digital marketing efforts thrive with the use of voice commands, you’re looking at the possibility of using two categories: voice search and voice actions. Considering that each type of command looks for different criteria to determine which response will be returned first for any given voice request, it’s important to know them in greater detail:

Voice searches: These types of voice commands replace any keyboard input with a spoken search phrase to return results in a browser—commands like “Hey Siri,” “Alexa,” or “OK Google.” Often, these commands impact how one tailors their keyword phrases based on a user’s tendency to conversationally phrase queries when interacting with a voice AI.

Voice actions: Seen as a “baseline version” of voice searches, these commands are phrases or questions from users that trigger certain apps or automation cycles. Commonly used for devices like smart home speakers and car assistants, these commands don’t return a ranked page of results, which means you don’t need to consider them as much for SEO work. 

Mapping out the approach for more successful voice searches

When it comes to ranking as high as possible through the use of voice searches, there are a few fundamentals that any digital marketer or business owner must be well aware of. Among the components mentioned, the most critical ingredient for a successful strategy is understanding how the digital mechanism itself works.

For starters, the first factor related to achieving higher rankings with voice search strategies is the data source in every applicable device that pulls in results and displays them on a screen. Google and Android devices, for example, utilize Google Local Pack, while Siri crawls Yelp to return results when prompted for “the best” in any specific category, and Alexa pulls local results from Bing, Yelp, and Yext. This means that having filled-out profiles and robust listings on all these platforms or data sources will help you start ranking immensely with voice search work! 

On top of data sources, another key factor that helps determine the ranking of a website is the Name-Address-Phone Number identity that each assistant pulls. Typically, NAPs pull profiles for location-based results from various sources:

  • Siri: It pulls local recommendations from the NAP profiles on Yelp, Bing, Apple Maps, and Trip Advisor
  • Android devices and Google Assistant: They pull NAP profiles from Google My Business
  • Alexa: It pulls NAP profiles from Yelp, Bing, and Yext
  • Cortana, powered by Alexa: It pulls NAPs from Yelp and Bing

How do you get started?

Admittedly, voice search SEO work is a completely different world from traditional ranking in the sense that it is nuanced with technicalities that are difficult to track.

Considering that voice search itself is a growing industry with many of its complexities being mapped out by agencies, it’s much more ideal to leave your ranking needs in the hands of a dependable solution. By investing in cutting-edge platforms and accompanying functionalities from Voice SEOPRO, you’ll be able to achieve tremendous results with the power of verbal queries! 


Thanks to the advent of digital marketing in today’s online landscape, there are different measures that can be taken to further the impact of an SEO strategy—one of which is voice commands. Through top-notch voice search technology, you’ll be able to net tremendous results with your efforts and help ensure that you reach a much larger audience for more conversions and results!

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