Prioritization is critical to the success of your business’s SEO. 

There are many facets to search engine optimization. If you try to dive into it immediately without planning anything out, you will drown and your business will lose direction, thus wasting time, effort, and money in the process. To avoid being swallowed up and overwhelmed by the wide world of SEO, you need to prioritize!

Everyone wants to be productive and to complete everything as fast as possible. But that’s not how SEO works—you won’t get results if you’re managing guest posts, keyword research, voice search, and website user experience all at once without much planning. 

SEO Tasks You Need Prioritize

What works for others may not work for you. As such, you can’t expect to succeed doing all of the best SEO practices that others suggest. There may be endless opportunities available, but you simply can’t tackle them all! You will need to prioritize SEO tasks that will help your business reach its goals and objectives specifically. Once you’ve determined which to focus on, you’ll be able to create a more cohesive plan of action.

Here are a few SEO tasks we recommend that you may want to prioritize:

  • Learn About Audience Intent

Audience intent or search intent refers to the purpose of an online search. Everyone’s online to find something, but do you know the reason why your target audience is looking for answers to that specific question?

The public’s searching every day keeps evolving; today, users are able to look things up online through voice search! People no longer search in just one manner, which makes things even more difficult.

Instead of just matching a user’s search to the keywords on your website, you should also fit the reason for their search. Having a complete understanding of the user journey will allow you to create content that will appeal to your audience that are doing voice searches.

  • Improve Your User Experience

You must understand the relationship between user experience and SEO if you want to rank high on search results. SEO may lead your audience to your website, but that’s it. Once they land on your page, your target customer’s decision-making process will be affected by their experience. 

Your website must be easy to navigate and give what people are looking for so that they have a positive experience visiting your page. By providing a positive user experience, you will have increased sales and customer retention in the long run!

Automate Your Processes

Working hard doesn’t always equate to success. Instead, you need to work smart! 2021 is the year of automation—there are many automation software out there to aid you in your SEO operations to help you save time and produce more results. 

Automation is the key to accelerating your business’s growth! Make the most out of SEO automation to assist you with data collection, link-building, content creation, and even custom reports.


SEO takes time, which is why you shouldn’t rush into things by doing everything all at once. You must establish your priorities by finding out which SEO tasks can help you achieve your most important business goals! Once you have your priorities straight, you can now collaborate with experts that can help you produce an effective SEO strategy.

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