The role of search engine optimization is to make sure that all posts tagged with the same keyword get analyzed and categorized according to relevance, quality of content, and how helpful the article is. Even the best SEO agency in the country has to work their best to achieve the top spot on the search results, ensuring that their SEO practices are not against the search engines’ rules for ranking.

Basic and advanced SEO practices cater to specific markets in the industry. For example, the former is for companies that are only about to kick start their journey in business. Meanwhile, advanced SEO practices handle more complex situations like ranking established companies that only signed up for their platform in the digital world. However, both approaches in SEO still have differences regardless of how effective they are.

1. Advanced SEO is Not Affordable

There are various layers to search engine optimization. Developers, content creators, and even the business owners themselves would have to think about the different SEO tools and techniques to help them rank their content online. However, the more SEO tools on a website, the more complex the task becomes.

Therefore, there is a tendency for SEO specialists to ask for a higher price when it comes to dealing with more complex ranking scenarios. In a way, companies pay for the hard work, skills, and experience the specialists put in their work to make the content rank, especially on more in-demand niches.

2. Basic SEO is For Startup Companies

It isn’t expected for startups to think about SEO during their first few months in the business. However, as more people learn about the products and services offered by new companies, they become more eager to find information about the things a brand can provide to its potential customers. Therefore, the need for a website arises.

The best SEO approach to take in maintaining a startup website for small businesses is basic SEO. It does include the on-page and off-page optimization practices, but it does not cross the line directed to providing more advanced tools like backlinking. It only focuses on the basics—getting the content out there, publishing it to the internet, and waiting for the results to manifest in a few months.

3. Basic SEO Maximizes a Company’s Profit

From the name itself, basic SEO only requires a few edits and additions to a company’s website. Therefore, business owners do not spend thousands of dollars for a service they do not need for now. Instead, most businesses maximize their profits by only subscribing to basic SEO. In the end, as long as the numbers don’t hit the potential they can reach, small businesses should only stick to the more affordable option in SEO.

4. Expensive Doesn’t Mean Quality

On the flip side, choosing the more expensive service doesn’t always mean ranking on the first spot. Sometimes, no matter how good SEO companies hit the usual qualifications for ranking on a search engine, it does not happen organically. Since various factors affect the rankings, like the search engine’s algorithm, it’s almost impossible to know which content will rank in the top spot.


Overall, choosing between basic or advanced SEO practices does not affect most search engines’ ranking processes. Because sometimes, it’s all about hitting other factors like the niche demand or writing a topic no one has ever discussed in the past.

However, the best decision to make is choosing the more affordable SEO packages to get a feel of how SEO works and how it can help businesses thrive. If it works, business owners can always switch to advanced practices, even making more waves online.

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