Content marketing employs many search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to increase a page’s reach. Although crafting compelling marketing copies can help you get a decent SEO ranking, it’s not enough to bring you to the top of search queries. One way to enhance your page’s ranking is to use effective link building strategies. Doing so will help boost your content’s visibility and credibility.


How to optimize your site’s content with backlinking


It’s not uncommon to see content on the internet that doesn’t have any references. This can cause some online viewers to regard it as speculation or lacking in background information. By introducing strong link building on your content, you can enhance your credibility as a service provider and increase your customer conversion rates.


If you want to learn how to make compelling content, here are three qualities of effective link building you should apply:


1. Audience-focused content


Creating linkable assets is the core of your SEO strategy. This allows you to drive online traffic from other networks, such as guest posting sites and social media platforms, to your business website. Developing relevant and informational content for your target demographic will allow you to expand your credibility and reliability as a service provider.


Developing a buyer persona will help you list down the topics you should create content on. It will allow you to home in on the questions that your target demographic would want to know about your product or your industry. 


You can choose from how-to articles, informational think pieces, and product overviews to give your online viewers enough information to consider your services as a reliable service provider. Additionally, you can introduce internal linking from one content piece to another to strengthen your site’s SEO.


2. Relevant and strong authority links


One way that people check if a content piece is worth sharing is if it has references that back up its claims. However, you should be particular about the sites you choose to link since it will contribute to your content’s credibility.


Check if the link you found is relevant to the context of your page and your page’s audience. For example, it could be a customer testimony, a news report, or a scientific study or research. Supplementing this information with trustworthy and authority websites will help reinforce your site’s content as authentic and data-driven.


3. Active and updated links


Users don’t want to experience dead-ends when they access your website. This is why you should periodically check on your link’s availability. Sometimes, you can end up losing your customer on their buyer’s journey if you lead them to dead links. Performing a website audit is an excellent way to see if you have links that need updating.


Besides building connections to other sites, you should also ensure that your content leads to a compelling call-to-action (CTA). Remember that your content’s primary purpose is to drive your customer to landing pages to increase your customer conversion rates. Make sure that all your backlinks lead to active web pages, whether they’re internal or external links.




Developing the credibility of your business is necessary if you want to maintain and grow your audience. This is why you should invest in innovative digital tools and services to optimize your online presence, from your content marketing campaigns to your page layout.


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