The increased demand for voice assistant-enabled devices has compelled Google to incorporate voice search into SEO. Businesses and websites that are not optimized for this type of search are losing prospective customers and revenue. As more individuals choose mobile devices over desktop computers to cater to their on-the-go lifestyle, voice searches are becoming increasingly common. 

Convenience is a major facet of online search, so it isn’t surprising that voice search has the impact it does. Many devices and technologies are designed to appeal to consumers who want answers to their questions without having to navigate around a screen. 

If you’re building an app or a site, failing to include voice search features could mean failing to appeal to a considerable percentage of your audience. As a technology that can be used by people of any age, voice search makes interaction easy and can assist in high search engine results page (SERP) rankings.

Voice Search as Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of activities and involves social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, and much more. Since the online world changes so quickly, marketers must be fast to react to these developments. 

Voice search is already part of Google’s optimization criteria, which is why it’s important to understand how to develop content that can integrate voice search. If you’re looking to develop an app, the very same thing remains true!

Creating a Voice Search-Friendly App

Here are a few key principles of building a voice search-friendly app: 

  • The Interface Must Be Easier and Faster Than Touch Interface

The placement of smart speakers will impact the type of searches most frequently conducted. Most households place their smart devices in the bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Consider the spaces people frequently use voice commands outside the home as well, such as in the car when they are driving and unable to take their hands off the steering wheel.

No matter what type of app you are developing and for what purpose, there’s one golden rule to remember: Voice interfaces should be more straightforward, quicker, and more natural than touch interfaces. Otherwise, people will quickly find that the function isn’t serving their needs!

  • It’s Wise to Brainstorm With Other Teams—Not Just Marketing

A brainstorming session with your brand, content, marketing, and customer care teams is another critical step in developing your voice app. While you may believe the marketing team to have the most insights, those in other teams often have unique perspectives that can assist you in determining how voice could solve an existing problem that you wish to address. If you already have a prototype for your voice app, testing it with your team enables you to discover flaws and fix them before releasing the app to the public.

  • Your Website Must be Optimized for Voice Search Too

Most apps are created alongside websites. Remember—your site should be optimized, too. Create material that is voice-search friendly, regardless of your industry. You don’t have to use jargon to create an article. Check to see whether the automated voice is reading anything you can comprehend. The majority of voice searches commence with “What,” “How,” “When,” “Why,” and “Who.” Most people use a search engine to find a product or to ask a question. Look into the most commonly asked topics in your community and make an article or piece of content to answer them.

  • Remember to Market Through Other Channels

It would help if you incorporated discoverability into your strategy from the start. Once your voice app is up, make sure you have a method to encourage people to ask for it by name, whether via CRM, social media, or audio advertising especially targeting smart speaker users.

Final Thoughts

Voice search is a concept that is not going away anytime soon. Many expect that a large number of individuals will buy voice-assistant gadgets in the future years. It will soon be prevalent in every home. For the time being, optimizing your website for voice search is just one method to appear in search engine results. Building an app can be your long-term approach. 

Voice marketing is rapidly evolving, and individuals are fast to depend on their voice assistants as an essential part of their lives. Despite this, the market for speech apps is far from saturated. In many sectors, there is still a first-mover advantage to be gained, and companies who get engaged today will enjoy the benefits later on.

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