There are many ways to boost your SEO strategy throughout this year, and while your first approach may involve the usual marketing methods, you may be surprised that voice search is making its presence known within the industry. Voice search, introduced in 2017, has become quite popular with consumers.

Google accounts for over 40% of the voice-activated speaker market, with Amazon trailing in second at 27%. Apple planned to release its speaker in December 2017, and since then, there has been a significant jump in voice-activated speakers.

What is Voice Search?

Voice search is like normal search, but instead of typing in a question or query into a search engine or some other search engine, the user speaks their query aloud, and the device (such as a smartphone or other device) transcribes it and displays search engine results based on the transcription. These are usually condensed results, but if the users want to see more, they can ask the device to “speak to me,” or they can tap on the results they want more information on.

Why is Voice Search So Important?

The popularity of voice search has grown 180% over the past ten years, so it’s no wonder that so many people are interested in it. This is a good sign for SEO professionals because the more people that search through voice, the more SEO professionals can improve their SEO strategies. A survey by Vocol, states that over 50% of people search through voice today, and the amount of people who own a voice-activated device has tripled to over 12% since 2014.

So, How Can You Use This Information to Optimize Your SEO Strategy?

First of all, if you’re a site owner, you can update your website with a voice search option. This will make your site more accessible to users with voice search enabled on their smartphones. Many users have a voice search enabled on their smartphones, so it is important that you consider making your site voice search friendly for these users.

Secondly, you can make your site compatible with voice search to improve your SEO strategy. You can do this by either creating a general page where users can ask questions or by creating a company blog that is voice-ready.

You may want to consider using Google’s keyword planner tool to determine what questions to use with your voice search strategy. However, you should note that you can only use Google to search for your own keyword data or to see if your websites are getting any clicks. Google’s keyword planner tool can’t be used to search for competitors’ keywords.

Lastly, while optimizing your site for voice search, you can optimize your content in a way that best suits voice search. Google and Apple allow users to schedule “buy now” requests through voice search, for example, and users can also ask for reviews or ratings.


Voice search is vital and innovative because it allows users to navigate the internet through voice alone. The more users that can search through it, the easier search engine optimization will become. That said, the more you optimize your SEO strategy for voice search, the better.

Not only will this improve your chances of boosting your sales, but it will also give you an opportunity to know more about your target market in the long run.

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