Although it’s only been around for no more than two decades, the world of Search Engine Optimization has seen more waves of change than other industries. 

Ever since search engine giants like Google doubled-down on their efforts to regulate highly-competitive pages and results, the SEO field has continuously been refined to accommodate a level playing field. Over the years, search engines’ algorithms have gone through constant revision to reward those quick enough to catch on and adapt. 

From organic search term ratios in content to responsive web design, the number of “hot topics” that have taken over the world of search engine optimization continuously changes. In recent years, Google has culminated a full shift towards rewarding and prioritizing websites that optimize their mobile users’ designs, creating a new approach for success. 

Among the different topics that have come to light alongside the tremendous changes taking place in the field of Search Engine Optimization, there’s one that bears importance: Voice search.

What is it? 

Voice search is one of the latest developments in search engine optimization that allows mobile and desktop users to search the web by speaking to their devices. Mainly geared towards providing more accessibility to disabled users or the elderly, using voice search eliminates the “typing is mandatory” approach. In the long run, this entails that people who have visual impairments (such as those with blindness, old age, and other related issues) can also enjoy the web. 

Why voice search is your business’s stepping stone to success

When it comes to gauging the overall impact of voice search on your business’s rise, it’s crucial to consider how it works with your bottom line to achieve top-quality results. 

For any business, voice search is a game-changing factor to consider because having your business pop up during a search will increase your chances of conversion. Especially with promises of more visibility of voice-search compatible websites into play, it’s clear that there is a window of opportunity for high visibility for websites smart enough to capitalize. 

At this point, Google is well into its efforts to incorporate elements of voice searching into its search engine ranking algorithms. If you want to give your bottom line a boost and be prioritized by search engines for higher rankings in results, then it’s best to act fast and let voice search do the work. 

A few tips for a seamless transition

Although Google and other search engines have yet to put out a definitive rulebook on approaching voice search for higher rankings and success, there are a few tips and tricks that you can get started with. If you’re looking to make a more significant effort towards making your website voice search-compatible, here are three tips to consider:

Tip #1: Start taking natural language into mind when targeting

As opposed to regular searches with a completely different form of language and structure, voice searches are more geared towards natural speaking and full phrases or questions. By taking the time to attain the highest value natural language searches and targeting them, you can start reaping quick results.

Tip #2: Work with an FAQ strategy

In the case of most voice searches, terms used by searchers are related to asking a question or other requests that start with “who,” “what,” “where,” “when,” and “why.” By determining which questions matter most to your customers and incorporating them into your content marketing, website copy, and social media, you can utilize voice search to your advantage.

Tip #3: Bring in the services of an expert

When it comes to getting the hang of using voice search for a more practical approach to SEO, it’s crucial to note that it pays to enlist a professional’s services to help you out. For instance, with the help of Local SEO Pro, your company can delve into the ins-and-outs of voice search-powered ranking and hit the ground running without any other problems!


Among the different aspects of Search Engine Optimization that have come to light in recent years, none brings a more significant game-changing potential than voice search. Through this guide, you can better grasp why it’s crucial to start using voice search and use it well enough to your advantage for success!

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