The age of the Internet and the technology that comprises it has made it easier for all businesses to seek opportunities for success, but it has also made it easier to compare ourselves with our competitors. 

Although some traditionalists may argue that it would be best to focus on oneself when pursuing profit and conversions with long-term fulfillment, we can’t help but put ourselves side-by-side with other businesses. Over time, the presence of comparison can shift from a simple “Oh, we’re unique because we do this different” to a full-on “What are we doing wrong if they’re doing better than us?”

Seeing a competitor outshine you in some aspects can understandably be demoralizing sometimes because of how visible everything can get today, especially when you see the margins in the search engine rankings. However, it’s also worth noting that this same increased visibility can work to your advantage by providing points on improving your strategy! 

In fact, did you know that you can use the Internet to discover your competitors’ keywords?

A quick introduction to SEO competitor analysis

This practice is called SEO competitor analysis, which is a method that is widely used by top-ranking businesses, both big and small, in the world today. 

In other words, the practice in question is best defined as the process of understanding who your online competitors are and identifying the specific keywords or topics that they use to attain organic growth. This specialized form of competitor analysis works so well in making a difference because it will allow you to spot organic growth opportunities without going through copious amounts of trial-and-error. 

Once you learn how to carry out SEO competitor analysis consistently, you’ll get to answer all the pressing questions that you’ve ever had (and will have) about the strategies of other firms! 

“Wait, isn’t that cheating?”

It may sound a little dubious at first, but the idea of using the Internet to know what keywords the competition is targeting is completely normal!

Thanks to the digital technology available today, it has become even more possible to be well-aware of what the competition is doing to the point where nearly every move they make is displayed for the world to see. In fact, your competitors might even be using the net to scour for data on what you’re targeting so that they can get a leg up on your business! 

The prevalence of SEO competitor analysis in voice searches

Although peering into competitor data has been around for a while now, SEO competitor analysis is even more valuable in today’s age, where voice searching is becoming prevalent. 

Compared to traditional search engine optimization systems, the way competitor analysis works for voice searches follows a completely different system because the keywords and phrases are far more complex. Instead of mere phrases and terms that are singular or phrases that are barely cohesive, voice search follows a more speech-oriented approach to selecting keywords. This is where the method in question comes in. 

With the incorporation of the SEO competitor analysis for your voice search ranking strategy, it becomes much easier to broaden your horizons and uncover strategies that you have yet to use. At Voice SEOPRO, we use the tool to help our clients stay updated on the methods they can use by taking a page out of their competitors’ books and using them better!


While the world of modern search engine optimization is filled with many tools and tricks that generate significant results, SEO competitor analysis is the main one to watch out for in the coming years. As voice search remains on the rise to becoming the new norm for search engine-searcher interaction, having the strategy in question in your arsenal can help slingshot you ahead of the competition!

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