Voice search is quickly becoming one of the most used technologies among regular users. This is because it’s easy to use and can be activated hands-free. As a result, businesses are pushed to prepare for the rise of this trend with a marketing strategy that can incorporate consumer behavior related to this rising technology.

There are several nuances to learning how to market your business through voice searches—particularly as a business in the hospitality industry. In fact, some of this advice may deviate from what we’ve been taught when it comes to optimizing a company for the traditional search engines!

Here are some quick tips that will introduce you to succeeding at voice SEO for your hotel business:

Use less brand voice and more customer voice

Drop the industry jargon; if you’re trying to access the voice search market, you need to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. The best marketing copy for voice search blends in with the slang terminologies and abbreviations of the demographic that they want to capture.

Think of catchy names and titles

Once people ask a voice question, their voice assistant responds in kind. Consider how the name of your establishments, packages, events, and other special offers may sound when spoken out loud!

Aside from using a beautiful and captivating name, think of ways to be descriptive in your names and titles as well. This will help give more information with less effort!

Use long-tail keywords and focus on long term SEO

Since people who use voice searches are more likely to make requests in full sentences, we recommend that hotel marketers use longer keyword phrases in their marketing to ride on that trend. It’s not just advantageous for voice search; long-tail keywords also help get booking through standard searches as well!

Use familiar speaking words in your marketing copy

Once voice search takes over, it’s important that the words found in your copy are accessible to the average user. Try posing your content to show up in question-related queries—for example, people are more likely to ask their voice assistants, “What are the best five-star hotels in my area?” rather than to just search for “Best five-star hotels.”

Monitor your online reputation

While you cannot control everything that is said about your establishment online, a little reputation management can go a long way. Look at social media reviews of your hotel and make sure to respond to the people who have taken their time to share their thoughts. Hotels that have high ratings, levels of engagement, and positive ratings have a better chance of appearing at the top of voice search results. 

Create content on broader interest topics

For years, SEO best practices relied on creating content on niche knowledge to help businesses develop domain authority and establish themselves as industry leaders. However, you will need to consider a different approach to excel in voice searches. Hotels will need to cover a wide variety of related topics instead of diving deep into what they do.

We recommend creating content on tourist attractions or local destinations that the guests of your hotel are likely to frequent. Drawing up an FAQ section on your hotel, the city, and general travel topics will also help.

Improve your local SEO

Hotels need to tap into local SEO to improve their voice search rankings. This can be achieved by partnering with symbolic brands that are established in the community and using keywords that are relevant to your immediate location. 


You’ll need a different approach when trying to engage with voice technologies because people often write and speak in different ways. By factoring in the tips mentioned above, you can carefully pave the way to improve your hotel business’ website to become more voice SEO-friendly. If you’re still lost as to how to approach it, then consulting with a specialist is your best bet.

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