Voice search has increased in popularity and power over the past years. If you think voice search is only a fad, then you’re in for a surprise because voice search is actually the future! And if you haven’t used it in your SEO strategies yet, then you need to start today; if not you risk getting left behind. 

If you are already using voice search strategies as part of your SEO strategies, then you’re on the right track. Now, all you need to focus on is how you can enhance your voice search strategies to boost your search engine rankings. 

So, how can you do this? Here are five valuable strategies to consider:

  • Maintain A Conversational Tone

If you have been using a lot of short-tail keywords, it’s time to mix them with long-tail keywords that are more conversational. Aside from long-tail keywords, you also need to make your copy follow a more conversational tone. Keep in mind that users who use voice search ask questions as if they’re talking to a friend. For this reason, if you want your business page to rank, you need to provide them with the exact answers they need, conversely. 

Get all the questions you get from customers, whether via email, social threads, phone calls, or check conversations on forums and your competitors. Likewise, Google Analytics is a great platform to gain search queries and insights that you can use to modify your strategies and boost your overall rankings. 

  • Be Mindful Of Your Page Load Times

If your page takes too long to load across all platforms, then you’re going to have a major problem. No matter how much you inject keywords into your copies or how appealing your website is, if the page takes a long time to load, then don’t expect any significant results. If anything, your page will only be pushed down to the bottom if you don’t address your page load times immediately. 

  • Take Advantage Of Social Media Platforms

At this point, it’s safe to assume you already have a social media presence on various platforms, as they are useful avenues to help increase your rankings, especially in voice search. For (almost) everything you post on your web page, you must make an effort to simultaneously share them on your social media accounts. When you do so, the shares will actually boost your online presence on social media and on the SERPs. In turn, you get more chances that voice searches will find you!

  • Focus On Voice-Based Keywords

The best voice-based keywords are the ones that start with “how,” “best,” “what,” “where,” and “easy.” When doing your keyword research, be mindful of these keywords as they are the best ones to use for your content. Additionally, these voice-based keywords will help you craft the right content for your customers that will answer their questions. 

  • Write With Your Customer In Mind

Keep in mind that filling your website with industry jargon and clever language will be ineffective, especially if your customers won’t understand it. If you want to rank for voice search, you need to put yourself in their shoes and write accordingly. This is why it’s crucial you take the time to get to know who your audience is before you craft copies for your site. 


At this point, you now know that voice search is going to be a crucial part of SEO processes for the long run. Because of this, businesses must start or continue implementing voice search strategies along with other digital marketing tactics to rank higher on the SERPs. When you follow the valuable tips shared in this article and incorporate them into your existing online marketing strategies, you will effectively boost your voice search rankings for quality leads! 

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