Voice search is one of the latest technologies that let online users perform searches on the Internet through voice prompts. With a growing number of people who are getting into this new technology, companies scurry to keep up and boost their visibility online to gain more customers. 

If you’re one of these brands that have websites, be sure not to miss out on this innovation. If you want to optimize your site for voice searches, here are five practical tips to follow: 

  • Use Long-Tail Keywords

Keep in mind that when optimizing for voice search, your target audience will be using voice search and not typing in keywords into the search engine. It’s easy to forget this because voice search is relatively new. Yet, remember that your keywords are still extremely important in voice search. 

This time around, you need to put more focus on long-tail keywords and integrate them into your strategies. By doing so, it can do wonders for your campaigns. Go deep into long-tail keyword research, and you’ll find many opportunities for growth. 

  • Deliver Quick Results

When users use voice search, they will typically expect quick results, and it’s up to you to deliver them as fast as you can. An effective way to provide fast results is to ensure that your Google My Business (GMB) profile is updated and contains all the necessary details about your business. Aside from that, you also have to make sure that your website loads fast to help you deliver the information a user needs. 

  • Integrate The Buyer’s Journey

Optimizing your website for voice search involves integrating the buyer’s journey. Typically, this begins with awareness of where users inquire, followed by interest, in which they look into your products or services, or look for a way to reach you.

In voice search, you need to study the buyer’s journey as well as their behavior on your site to predict the type of questions they will ask. In doing so, you can integrate these questions into your site to optimize it for voice search and also increase your chances of gaining more customers in the long run. 

  • Create Quality Content

Make sure that you have easy-to-read and conversational pieces of content on your page. Aside from this, consider producing more local content that caters to the needs of people in your locality to help improve your SEO for voice search. Remember, your business doesn’t have to be local to produce local content. You can still churn out tons of local content to bring more traffic to your website, despite your location. 

  • Create a FAQ Page

One of the most effective ways to optimize for voice search is to have a FAQ page. Every question in this page may provide users with immediate answers when they use voice search. This is also where you can use the information you get from your customer behavior research to create a significant FAQ page. 


Voice search will continue to rise in the next few years, and your business must continuously evolve to cater to the changing needs of consumers today. The five practical tips shared above will kick start your voice search optimization efforts. Over time, you’ll have the right strategies that will hit all the right points. 

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