Voice-activated appliances and gadgets used to be elements of science fiction. Nowadays, technology has advanced so much that many people can’t imagine their daily lives without voice search. Home assistants, wearable devices, even mobile phones are equipped with voice command functions.

These days, if you need restaurant recommendations, the telephone number of a local pest control service, or how to make bulletproof coffee, you only need to ask Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa, and they can rattle off the answers. 

Voice command and voice search offers users simplicity and convenience. With voice, users don’t need to type out long or difficult-to-spell words. You can also search for something your hands are busy doing other things.

The ease of use is why many companies that advertise online are trying to improve their searchability through voice search marketing. A recent survey found that nearly 50% of consumers used voice assistants for search, with most of them using the mobile phone to conduct general searches.  

If you want to increase your chances of your brand being “heard,” (as opposed to seen, on a computer screen) here are few tips:

  • Make sure your site is running smoothly

Whether a user is searching on a computer or a hands-free device, search engines are less likely to include sites with outdated content, ones that take longer than ten seconds to load, and those that have errors because of faulty plug-ins. Conduct weekly audits of your sites. Check for broken links and update the add-ons to make sure you are running the latest versions. Improving site functionality can increase your chances of being included in the results.

  • Identify the right keywords for your business

Keywords are the search terms that your potential customers will use to find businesses like yours. The more unique the keyword to your business, the more likely your site will be included in search results. To find out which keywords are best, try putting yourself in the position of your customers. How would you try to find information related to your business? Use those questions as keywords. Sometimes keywords are technical, and some are indirectly related to your business. Trial and error can help you develop the right ones that get you higher up in ranking.

  • Own your listing and update your location

If you haven’t done so already, claim your business listing on Google My Business (GMB). The listing is a small profile that Google generates, including business information like name, address, and phone number. Claiming your listing allows you to take control of the data and add photos and operational hours. When you identify your exact location, Google can use this data when they process questions about establishments located within or near someone inquiring about a particular business. 46% of searches are by users looking for companies within their locality. You can increase your chances of being included by making sure the information is updated and accurate. 

  • Optimize your content for voice search

When engines like Siri, Google, and Alexa read off the answers to questions, they usually take the information from the one or two sentences below your search link. These snippets are called meta descriptions, which your search engine optimization (SEO) service uses to tag your content like blog posts, articles, and site pages. Meta descriptions are like summaries of the content within, and voice search engines need them to include them in the search results.

Voice search is an undeniably crucial tool to use in digital marketing. Users are growing accustomed to using it as most devices and phones on the market are equipped with voice commands. If you want to increase your chances of users finding and using your products and services, you will need to optimize your presence to be both seen and heard.

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