Voice search is one of the biggest trends this year since a growing number of internet users have realized its convenience and power. If you are reading this, then you have probably already set up a voice search strategy for your business.

However, getting ranked for voice search is significantly more challenging than traditional searches, and chances are that you are also looking for ways to use it to its fullest potential.

Fortunately for you, we have here a list of tips you can use in your voice search strategy to help you reach a broader audience:

 1. Increase your website’s load speed

One of the most significant factors that can improve how you rank on voice searches is how quickly your website loads. In fact, websites that rank high for voice queries are approximately 50 percent faster than average load speeds.

If you find that your website is hanging around average load speeds, consider implementing ways to speed it up. 

 2. Use natural language patterns

The ways people write and speak are entirely different. Most of the time, written queries are short and straight to the point. However, that same query, when spoken, will include a lot more words. For example, if looking for a pencil to purchase, a person may type “best pencils for writing,” but when spoken, it will become “What is the best pencil to write with?” 

When you write content, make sure to answer questions like these. While it helps to aim for specific keywords, do not forget to structure them naturally to increase your chances to rank high.

 3. Implement long-tail keywords

Speaking of keywords, you want to use long-tail keywords that are also commonly spoken. Do not only focus solely on keywords that are directly relevant to your business. Instead, remember to utilize other popular keywords regarding your business, such as transactional and location-based terms. For example, rather than trying to rank for “pencils,” try to also rank for “where to buy pencils near me.”

In doing so, you access a wider audience near you and push your rank up in terms of local voice searches and more.

 4. Answer common relevant questions

When people query with their voice, they usually ask a question. For that reason, your voice search strategy must use questions in its keywords. In doing so, you have a higher chance of showing up in snippets that a search engine uses to answer the individual’s query directly. 

Do your best to consider as many questions a customer might ask. For example, rather than only thinking about “where to buy a pencil near me,” also think about “what is the best pencil for writing.” Both questions can lead to your business, and you will be able to rank for both.


With all of these implemented into your voice search strategy, you will significantly increase your reach to people looking for answers that your business can provide. That said, if you are having trouble implementing any of these, do not hesitate to work with a company with expertise on voice searches. With their help, you can quickly identify which implementation works best for your business, saving your time and money and giving you access to a bigger audience.

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