Have you ever used “Ok Google” or “Hey Alexa” to order something online? If you have, the chances are that your business can also benefit from voice search optimization to reach modern customers. We can expect more of this in 2020 since the coronavirus has caused many to prioritize online spending. Your business website should then take advantage of voice search optimization. 

This article talks about the tips you need to know to integrate voice search technology into your business website. Use this as a means to invest in your business’s online presence and also reach more customers.

  • Center your site’s content on providing answers to common questions 

Voice search is typically question-based, involving queries such as, “How do I optimize my website for SEO?”. This is due to the main functionality of voice searching, a more convenient way to find products and services within the customer’s reach. Since most of the modern generation is also using voice search in their daily lives, you can expect its growth to stay in the coming years. 

You then need to make sure that you have an answer that appears on the search engine the next time a user searches for products and services related to your business. Make sure that your website content has Q&A-formatted articles and guides to enable search engine algorithms to favor your site and consider it for the next relevant search. 

  • Upgrade your website’s speed

Voice search optimization has a lot to do with how fast your website can run and provide the information users need. Make sure that both users and the search engine algorithms favor you by ensuring that your site loads fast and has little to no downtime. Doing so ensures that users can find your business easily, helping you generate sales and leads. 

You can also use voice optimization as a means to expand your business worldwide. Make sure both your site’s speed and user-friendliness are well-maintained from the backend. And don’t forget to put your fast website to good use by constantly monitoring voice search insights and analytics to expand your global market presence. 

  • Provide correct business listings 

Your business listing is an important part of your business’s presence on voice-powered search engines since it’s mostly users who are looking for needs and quick services. This means they will want to contact you immediately if your business appears for their queries.

Make sure that your business listings, especially your business name, address, phone number, and product descriptions, are up to date. To do this efficiently, look for SEO tools that will help you to update your listings across different networks. This ensures that your line of communication with the right customers is kept secure and sales keep on coming in. 

  • Follow voice search trends 

There are different kinds of voice search engine trends that can be either industry-specific or more general. The main goal is to orient yourself on the appropriate voice search trends that are applicable to your business. Use expert SEO tools, such as voice search platforms, to ensure the seamless and effective integration of your business’s presence in search engines. 

One of the most important trends that you need to follow regarding voice search is when there is a new voice engine-enabled device on the market. Nowadays, we already know about Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Siri. However, there may be other voice search engine markets that you also can service. Stay up to date with this as a viable business opportunity. 


Voice engine optimization is the next frontier of foundational SEO since most of today’s technology is becoming AI-based, and individuals continue to use voice search for their daily needs. Take note of the previously mentioned tips and be on the lookout for viable tools and platforms to help you stay ahead of the competition today!

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