With the emergence of voice-enabled smartphones and other devices over the past years, the way people do searches on the Internet has drastically changed. The somewhat robotic strings of words that most people type on their keyboards are still being used, but many online users have found a more natural way of searching – simply asking a query out loud.

Most businesses recognize this shift and are doing what they can to optimize their platforms for voice searches. If you are also interested in making your business website voice search-friendly, here are four tactics you should try as soon as you can:

1. Make Some Changes to Your Keywords Usage

As mentioned above, traditional SEO users use a different set or type of keywords from the ones voice search SEO uses. For instance, instead of using “best Italian restaurant near me,” which people would type on their search bars, incorporate the question “What’s the best Italian restaurant near me?” in your content, as this is the type of keywords that works better for voice searches.

If you notice, it even sounds more natural than the former option. It’s because traditional keywords and phrases typically sound awkward when spoken out loud, and people would rather talk normally, even when they’re just talking to their voice assistants.

2. Monitor Consumer Behavior Closely

Even before Google voice search had become widespread, consumer behavior has always been a huge consideration for digital marketing strategies. It also plays a significant role because a person’s use of voice search can be shaped by factors like the user’s location or the specific device used.

For this reason, you need to pay attention to consumer behavior to understand why they do searches about products or services in your industry and how you can meet those searchers with relevant information. Besides this reason, you also need to know when and where your target audience looks for your business’s information. The information gathered will allow you to make necessary changes to better cater to those.

3. Make Sure to Have a Detailed FAQ Page and Informative Blogs

With voice search, users do not only use complete sentences, but they also make specific queries. The more precise the inquiry is, the more accurate results they’re going to get. 

Because of this, you must have an FAQ page that contains answers to questions that are frequently asked by your audience to help give your rankings a boost. 

As such, it’s a good idea to conduct research to know which questions are frequently voice-searched and build content around those. You can even take this further by digging deeper into those topics through informative and engaging blog posts. Keep in mind that Google notices websites that provide the best answers to common customer queries and rank them accordingly. 

4. Improve Your Local SEO Strategy

Did you know that around 58% of people use voice search to get information about a local business? This number shows you must work on your local SEO tactics. You can start by ensuring that your profile information is updated and complete with precise address and contact information. 

You should also include details like accurate operating hours and more specific keywords relevant to your business. For example, if you run a coffee shop, don’t just stick to posting content with the generic keyword “coffee.” Instead, go for “cold brew coffee,” “affogato,” “double espresso,” and all other products you’re offering that your audience might do voice searches for. 


The shift in consumer habits, the ever-evolving technology, and the changes in search algorithms require businesses and marketers to push hard to stay relevant and remain on top of their game. By considering the four tactics shared above, you can strive hard to stay ahead of your industry’s competition to rake in growth and success in the long run!

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