If you have been doing business for a while, you might have seen many other business owners using Google My Business (GMB) as part of some of their daily tasks. Because of this, you might be asking yourself if you should start using GMB as well. Well, if you have not started using it yet, we highly recommend that you do so.

There are just so many benefits to using the tool, especially if you have a brick-and-mortar store. For instance, you can share opening and closing times for your business as well as its location, all of which a customer wants to know when going to your store.

Even if you do not have a physical store but only an online one, Google My Business is still a beneficial tool to boost your visibility.

That said, when you set up your own Google My Business page, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure you have done it correctly.

1. Fill it with posts

With your GMB account set up, you will be given the ability to add posts about your business. These posts can include anything from ongoing promotions or upcoming events, all of which can help attract customers. Just note that these posts will usually expire after a week, so you will need to update them regularly.

Along with the usual written content you can include in your posts, you can also upload photos or pictures along with them. This will help your posts become much more attractive and allow your business to stand out from its competition. Just think of this as marketing, except that you are doing so through GMB posts.

2. Include images about your business

Other than the posts you can upload, you can also put pictures to describe your business. For instance, you can include a picture of your business’ location relative to other stores and upload images that will show off the interior and exterior of your store.

With that done, your job is to continue posting plenty of images. This will help Google know that you are an active business and will boost your local search rankings.

3. Write the right descriptions

When you have a GMB profile, you will need to describe your business as thoroughly as possible to your audience. This can include anything from what you have to offer to where your business is.

To write the proper descriptions, you will need to use the right keywords. As a rule of thumb, try to include at least two keywords when describing your business. This will improve your local SEO rankings, making your business more relevant in the local scene.

4. Ask for and respond to all the reviews

Reviews act as “seal of approval” for many customers out there. Plus, it is an excellent place for your audience to look for information about who you are as a business. Besides, customers would prefer to work with companies that have been reviewed. If they have looked around and found no feedback about yours, they will likely leave.

For this reason, you should always do your best to ask for reviews. Even if they are good or bad, they are still helpful. If they are good, you can always thank them for the positive feedback. If they are bad, you must still address them and work to fix the problems that were highlighted.


Do you need Google My Business for your business? Yes, you do! With it, you immensely improve your visibility, bringing customers near and far to your doorstep to do business with you.

Do not forget about the tips we have shared. From responding to reviews to writing proper descriptions, these tips will ensure that you not only get GMB right but also make the most out of the tool!

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