The new year signifies a chance to improve your website’s performance and ranking. To do this, you need to assess your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and how they helped you promote your products and services and meet your other business goals. From there, you can determine what works and what doesn’t, then make the necessary changes. 

Meanwhile, if you are looking for other effective ways to improve your SEO rankings this year, here are some tips you can follow:

Speed up your website

Your website’s speed affects your SEO rankings. Your visitors don’t have the time and patience to wait for ages for your website to load, so they are more likely to leave your web page as soon as they notice your website has slow loading times. 

Boost your chances of improving your SEO rankings by speeding up your website. You can seek SEO services or use an auditing tool to determine what might be slowing your website down and learn more about how you can better address this issue. 

Make your website accessible to mobile devices

More than 60 percent of Google searches come from mobile devices, according to Merkle. It means your target audience likely uses their smartphone, tablet, or other gadgets instead of their laptop or personal computer to access your website, so you have to optimize your site for mobile devices.

As such, consider using an SEO tool to discover insights into mobile analytics and develop mobile SEO. This way, you can make your site more mobile-friendly, create brief and easy-to-read content that can easily fit on small mobile screens. These improvements can also allow you to manage your mobile-optimized content more efficiently as you place the most valuable material toward the front of the page.

Use clean URLs and meta descriptions

Your URLs and meta descriptions allow search engines to understand your content. A good rule of thumb is to incorporate your keywords into them and make them as concise and clear as possible. You can do this by writing to the point, using a consistent structure for your every content, and making them rich in relevant keywords you’re targeting.

Track your website’s performance

Your analytics lets you understand what works for your target audience and what doesn’t. To ensure a consistent excellent website performance, monitor your progress and make the changes necessary to improve. 

Some metrics you can focus on are your website’s traffic sources, bounce rate, and average time spent on a page. Looking at them can help you gain insight into which sources bring traffic to your website, how many visitors leave your site without visiting another page, their reading habits, and which content is liked by your audience. This information lets you know where you should focus more to ensure the best results.


In this digital world, setting up your website and optimizing it for search engines maximizes your chances of success. While dramatically improving your SEO ranking overnight may seem impossible, you can start making minor adjustments so you can gradually gain top rankings and reach more audiences. Following the effective ways listed above can help you start ranking higher on Google and eventually better SEO results.

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