Search engine optimization is one of the most advanced tools that any business can employ to expand their reach and grow their operations. You can find practically anything online in a highly digitalized world. Any questions, reviews for products, help for homework, and other trinkets of knowledge exist in the online realm. Thanks to search engines like Google, information is literally at our fingertips at all times. 

Factoring in SEO in your marketing strategy is now more than making content that is visible online. There is a whole field of study surrounding it, as engines’ algorithms become more powerful each year. Google spends tons of money upgrading the way the search engine functions for Google searches alone. Nowadays, technology is evolving to use more voice functions, making them extremely popular with Amazon’s Alexa products and Google Home artificial intelligence devices. 

Text Is Becoming Obsolete

If you often walk along the street, you might notice people talking to themselves. While this may seem strange, they are likely utilizing the voice-activated functions of their mobile devices like Siri for the Apple iPhone. AI services have undoubtedly made many people lazy, which is why voice SEO is becoming more essential today. 

Google voice search functions are already becoming more powerful and can pick up plenty of accents and ranges of words thanks to incredible programming. Through SEO tools, optimizing websites to pick up voice recordings and having them show up on search engines is possible. 

So what needs to be done to have a solid foundation for voice SEO? Here are some things that can optimize plans for your website’s visibility through audible means:

  • Run Tests

Running what is called a “radio test” is essential to demonstrate the audio-readiness of your website’s content. Adding plenty of easily pronounceable words and phrases is the best way to make sure voice search picks up your pages. Remember that many people have different accents, and various nationalities and backgrounds may have English pronunciation difficulties. Removing abbreviations, links, numerals, and special characters whenever possible will help boost voice SEO searches. 

If you run a test by saying the keywords you placed and other parts of your article, it will show what needs to be changed. In terms of writing, simpler words are better for improved voice SEO scores. 

  • Straight-to-the-Point Works Best

Opt for simpler language. Remove the flowery words and go straight for the points that people are likely to search. If you include too many words that people may not even associate with your business’ products, you risk losing precious visibility. Getting straight to your article’s intent demonstrates the top keywords that people look for when using a Google voice search. 

  • Focus On the Larger Scale Layout Of the Post

There is no doubt that people cannot voice search for a specific image on your website. Improving search visibility means putting proper captions for photos that include keywords, plenty of text, and a good title. Plenty of text means more opportunities for a Google voice search to identify relevant keywords in your article. The voice algorithm connects to writing on the article rather than the images and artistic elements found on the page. 


Voice SEO is a growing field of digital marketing and technologies. With plenty of people relying on audible methods to complete a search or task, optimizing your website for all kinds of SEO is essential. Give your website a revamp and ensure that its elements are all set up for Google voice search compatibility. 

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