Voice search is becoming more commonly utilized by users these days as it provides convenience and ease-of-use. As such, a relatively increasing number of websites are taking advantage of this feature to increase site traffic.

While voice search is an amazing feature, trying to optimize your content for it requires attention to detail. It’s also important to understand how certain SEO techniques can be applied to increase the possibility of ranking in voice search results. 

If you want to optimize your site’s content for voice search, you need to do the following:

Maximize Your Use of Longtail Keywords and Keyphrases

The thing about longtail keywords and keyphrases that most site owners overlook is that the unsaturated nature means that your content is more accurately relevant to the user. Longtail keywords and keyphrases are unpopular search terms, but because of this unpopularity, search results that show up can be what the searcher is looking for exactly.

By utilizing longtail keywords and incorporating them into your content, you can drive more traffic onto your site. Remember that voice search requires less work than typing the search term, which is why users will typically say longer search queries than when they’re typing.

Produce High-Quality Content

No matter how good your keyword strategy is, you won’t be able to keep users browsing your site if your content is mediocre. With SEO, relevancy and user experience are the most important things to focus on. Think of it this way: if a user stumbles upon a blog post or a video that isn’t well-produced, they’ll likely click away and go back to the search results page.

By creating engaging content, you can pique your visitors’ interest and increase your chances of them navigating on your website further. When users find helpful information, they’ll find the provider of that information trustworthy. If you want to optimize your site for voice search, you need to ensure that your visitors will be pleased to see your website’s name on the search results page.

Optimize for Local

Voice search is often used by people who are asking Google for specific suggestions. It could be a person looking for a specific item or place, to someone who’s just casually browsing and comparing prices. However, these people are likely to be looking for something near them.

While online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, people still prefer to buy items personally. For one, there’s no super long waiting time, and they also get to check items first before buying. You want to take advantage of this behavior and target local customers.

If you’re a service business, you’ll gain a significant advantage by targeting local users. Examples of these voice search queries include “Fast food restaurants near me” or “local barbershops.” By optimizing for local, you’ll increase your likelihood of showing up on voice search results.


Voice search is an extremely convenient tool among many users. By making it a goal to show up on voice search results, you can easily drive traffic to your website and eventually, increase conversion. Targeting local users is also important if you want to be a lot more discoverable.

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