If you are wondering what inner algorithm helps search engines promote your business online, it’s the effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This refers to the practice of designing and building your online presence. It primarily concerns your online website but can also extend to other online platforms, primarily social media. 

With so many businesses filling up the online landscape, SEO helps filter and rank which website reaches more users, which translates to more customers buying products or services from a business. 

If you want to learn how to give your online brand a personal touch and get started on building your online presence, here are three essential tips that you can follow: 


  • Provide your online audience with quality content


Quality content posted on websites is non-negotiable because there must be value and something worthwhile for your customers. This is because Google Analytics is more than capable of filtering out websites with content that lacks intrigue or has errors. 

Providing quality content pertains to everything that is posted on your website: your blog, other related write-ups, and even your videos. You have to your audience content that is worth reading or watching, and it has to be timely and relevant to them as well. 

If users become attracted to your website because of your online content, you can rank higher or appear in more search results than you were getting. Additionally, this generates more leads and reaches more markets until you get to the top of your niche. 

Before posting any content on your website, ask yourself or your team if it’s something that will be valued or appreciated by your customers. In doing so, you are already performing basic and affordable SEO for your business. 


  • Optimize your content based on analytics 


Aside from quality content on your website, you also need to become technical about how search engines process it, which is called analytics or online marketing data. There are different types of analytics, and you need to at least be acquitted with the most basic one: Keyword research. This pertains to the words your online customers are using to find your particular product or service; these are keywords that they type on the Google search engine. 

The advantage of keyword research is that it allows you to properly integrate and contextualize your content to online customer behavior. This is a make or break process because websites that lack certain keywords will rank lower or disappear altogether from the search results, which results in a weak or virtually no online presence as a business. 


  • Design your website creatively


Online customer behavior and building trust online are the collective goals of SEO. It’s similar to a rewards system: the more you give, the more you receive. Aside from producing quality content, and integrating analytics, you also need to look and invest in innovative website design. This means being a user-friendly presence as a business online. 

Essentially, investing in good website design is also ensuring affordable SEO practices because it’s accomplishing two tasks at once. You have a high-quality website that can compete in the online market and search engines as Google refers to your site and its content. For this reason, make sure to integrate website design and functionality to become more mobile-friendly. 


SEO is an effective practice that should be a prerogative of every business that wants to make their presence felt online. If you want to have a strong start, grow your business by making use of the tools you already have. Nevertheless, if you do not have sufficient in-house workforce to help out, you can always leave this task in the hands of experts.   

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