Few were prepared for the changes in business brought about by the catastrophic year that was 2020, but that does not mean that the industry is incapable of adapting. After all, necessity is the mother of invention. Though 2020 was disastrous, it has forced marketers to rethink their strategies and grow by leaps and bounds. 

The field of Search Engine Optimization was no exception. It changed more in the last year than expected. One important innovation to observe is Voice SEO. To help you navigate the complexities of Voice SEO and what it means for the marketing industry, we have created this list of SEO developments to watch out for in 2021:

1 – BERT

Google has always strived to create a seamless experience for its users. SEO has evolved from measure keyword frequency to analyzing language with BERT. BERT is the name for Google’s natural language processing algorithm as developed through RankBrain, a machine learning model.

Essentially, BERT takes user inquiries and analyzes the language beyond the keywords. After all, if a search engine is to provide comprehensive and accurate answers, it should understand language. 

This presents quite a few complications in SEO, but not one that cannot be solved with careful strategy. Now more than ever, content is more valuable than keywords. Your content should provide meaningful and relevant information to users. 

2 – Answers, not Matches

As we mentioned before, Google is trying to leave keywords behind. It is looking to connect meaningful answers to users’ questions. This lines up perfectly with voice SEO, as users tend to ask complete questions when using the feature. 

This definitely calls for a change in your content strategy. You need to think about your customers’ questions if you want your SEO strategies to be effective. It also calls for better on-page SEO, as the algorithms now prioritize the user experience. The way forward is relevance, and this can only by coming up with user-centric tactics. 

3 – Core Web Vitals

This is the name for one of the ranking factors Google plans to implement in 2021. It measures a whole new host of SEO metrics known as Page Experience Signals. These will check for HTTPS security, intrusive pop-ups, and mobile flexibility. 

While it might be six more months before Core Web Vitals is incorporated, it will have an effect on web development and on sites that have not optimized for those specific elements. News media sites are among those most likely to be hit with these changes. As early as now, you should be rethinking your SEO strategies to account for these changes if you want your website to show up in top stories. 

Final thoughts

The field of SEO is constantly evolving. As an entrepreneur or marketer, you must keep abreast of the changes and trends, whether they remain or not. It is the key to maintaining the relevance of your website at all times. After all, no business can afford to be profitable sometimes; it must strive for constant marketability. 

If you need more information, resources, and help with Voice SEO, think about our services and consider signing up. After all, it pays to be prepared for the next big wave in marketing and SEO.