2021 seems to be an interesting year for online marketing and business-customer engagement. While most transactions may remain Internet-based due to COVID-19, many business sectors are slowly opening their doors to face-to-face shoppers. Nonetheless, web searching will continue to be an enduring practice for most consumers. Therefore, your business must utilize SEO for your site as you maintain competitive search rankings. 

This article will discuss three trends that you can expect as we transition into a new year. Take this as an opportunity to stay ahead of your competition as you address your customer’s immediate needs by focusing on their online user experience and behavioral patterns. This way, your business can quickly generate leads and profits to sustain further scalability. 

Trend #1: Videos may now be part of having an effective business SEO strategy 

As per Cisco’s Annual Internet Report, video is set to be the content of choice among Internet users, especially since runtime speeds continue to develop for the better. It means your business site may need to have video content optimized for search engines. 

For instance, if you post on Youtube, you need to provide a user-friendly way to view your channel description and its integration with other platforms, like your main site and social media accounts. You may also have to adapt mobile-centered visual content since Cisco projects faster mobile Internet speeds for the years to come. 

Keyword research is also integral to video search queries, increasing the chances of lead generation and customer acquisition through online means. You can begin by considering the auto-complete feature of search engines for visual content, primarily with your target customer’s preferences in mind. For instance, voice searching for how-to videos may be a trend your business needs to consider.

If your site has little-to-no video content, take this as an opportunity to renovate your marketing efforts. 

Trend #2: Analytics will continue to be ubiquitous with effective SEO management

Your target market’s online patterns, daily needs, and common interests are crucial data points that you must gather and analyze. This way, you can develop the best targeted messaging, branded web design, and other online marketing strategies to get your ideal customers clicking the buy button. 

You also have to know your site’s overall user experience, like its bounce rates, response errors, and loading times. These data points can help you understand what needs fixing from the backend. 

The best way to ensure your business does everything it can with analytics to inform SEO plans is to look into the essentials, like link building, on-page optimization, and optimized content posting. Ensure you have the proper SEO management tools to sustain your business’s competitive advantage. 

Trend #3: Local SEO services are a must for any serious business looking to grow its customer base

Convenience and locality are two priorities for the everyday online customer, meaning your business shouldn’t overlook local SEO strategies. Utilizing the appropriate tools, like geotagging, localized keywords, and Google My Business can significantly increase your online presence, enabling you to have sales, new customers, and effective branding awareness. Since the new normal seems to be primarily Internet-dependent, you can expect localized SEO to grow in demand for 2021 and the years to come. 


If you want your business’s Internet presence to remain excellent, you need to learn more about SEO trends. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of what to expect. All you have to do is remember all the previously mentioned facts and consider investing in high-quality solutions to boost your site’s search engine ranking. Start planning your online marketing approach for 2021 today!  

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