Owning a small hotel may mean having to run with limited resources and budget. Sometimes, you may not even have money specifically allotted for marketing. The good news is that you can keep up with your competitors and promote your services by going all-in on digital marketing. Here are some effective strategies to attract potential guests, raise awareness about your hotel, and increase your bookings:

  • Set up social media accounts

Running ad campaigns on social media is an effective way to market your small hotel. Best of all, it doesn’t break the bank, so that you won’t go over your budget. Some platforms you can explore are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Keep in mind that these channels are not merely for hotel updates. Here, you can keep your current and potential guests engaged by holding contests and responding to their queries and feedback. You can provide special offers and discounts and encourage guests to post feedback about their stay with pictures and hashtags to entice prospects to check in to your hotel. You can even set up a YouTube account to showcase the different amenities through high-quality videos.

When posting, make sure to find the balance between being inactive and staying consistent with posting. Inactivity can make your social media accounts outdated, but posting too many times a day can bombard your target audience with useless content. To master the art of balance and creativity on social media, reach out to SEO experts.

  • Create a responsive, mobile-friendly website

Most of your current clients and prospects use their smartphones or tablets to search for hotels. Since we now live in a mobile-driven world, you have to make sure to create a website with a responsive web design to ensure mobile devices can easily access it and the web content properly scales regardless of the screen size. 

Many hotels surprisingly still don’t have a website. Stay ahead of the competition by investing in an intuitive and unique one that offers an exceptional user experience. It should showcase your property and what makes your hotel different from others.

  • Optimize your website for voice search

More users no longer just search by typing their queries into their phone, laptop, or desktop computer. They now depend on voice search because this feature allows them to get the answer they need faster. This is especially helpful if their hands are busy or they are preoccupied. Because of this, some of them added Google Assistant, Siri, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, and other devices to their homes or places of business for the sake of their convenience. 

Since people are changing the way they search, your hotel should adapt to this new trend optimizing your website for voice search. Through this strategy, you can provide users with direct and accurate information to their questions.


Just because your small hotel does not have the same marketing budget as big hotels doesn’t mean you can no longer keep up with them. All you have to do is take advantage of every opportunity you can get to promote your business, including digital marketing. By doing the strategies listed above, you can capture your prospective guests’ attention and entice them to check in to your hotel.

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