As a small business owner, you’ve most likely spent lots of time wearing different hats because of all the tasks that are on your plate. Today, it isn’t uncommon for start-up heads to find themselves shifting between being marketing gurus, cashiers, HR experts, and financial experts within a single day.

Amid all the noise and mental traffic that’s going on, you’ll arrive at that point where your SEO work will need to take a back seat as you go through the qualms of growth and startup management. Although it may be understandable to strip some attention away from your ranking-related efforts, there will come a time where you need to double down on your search engine work.

The value of SEO work (and a problem that comes along)

Search Engine Optimization isn’t the same “nuisance” or “empty effort” that many traditionalists claim it to be. Contrary to popular belief, the tool in question is something that’s responsible for the majority of profits and visibility that businesses earn as consumers cultivate a growing dependence on the web. Unlike the days in the past where many were ignorant to realize the benefits of search engine visibility, SEO can no longer be set aside like a menial tool because of the vital role it has gained over the years. 

With more businesses becoming well-aware of the benefits that search engine visibility bears, it’s safe to say that efforts to rank higher than ever are all in full swing. In their haste to adapt and capitalize on the opportunity at hand, many start-ups end up robbing themselves of actionable results and pushing their customers away because of one problem: They regularly make critical SEO mistakes. 

Common SEO mistakes to avoid

If you’ve been working hard to rebuild your SEO strategy but aren’t seeing any qualified returns, you may be making critical mistakes that are getting in the way. Thankfully, troubleshooting problem points that aren’t so obvious at first isn’t difficult because being aware of what to watch out for will go a long way:

Mistake #1: Overlooking the need to be more mobile-friendly

Seeing that more online users depend on their smartphones to access the web, businesses that fail to account for this development lose valuable opportunities for visibility on search engines. This is especially true during times like these, where Google’s search engine algorithms are rewarding mobile-friendly websites with more visibility.

It may not seem like much at first, but accounting for the need to optimize your website for mobile users with responsive design is something that can easily attract more visitors. Once visitors see your website displayed in the best way possible so that it’s much easier for them to interact with it, you create a domino effect by reducing site drop-offs and boosting visits to rank higher!

Mistake #2: Failing to capitalize on the opportunities with voice searches

Apart from mobile users, another growing market that search engines like Google have been keen on tapping into in recent years is the markets of disabled users and those in search of convenience. Well, this is where voice search has shone the most and established itself as the biggest trend in SEO.

With names like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana becoming heavily involved in digital marketing discussions, it’s no surprise that search engines have also taken notice and placed a premium on voice-search friendly pages. Unfortunately, many are overlooking the opportunity to collaborate with an expert like Voice SEOPRO to capitalize on a rising trend, which then drives customers away! 


When it comes to improving your website’s visibility by tweaking your SEO marketing strategy, it’s important to note the different mistakes you may make. Once you hold yourself accountable enough to stay mindful of the different errors and mistakes you can make along the way, it will be much easier to take your start-up to the next level and attract more growth opportunities!

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